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Friday, November 4, 2016

Predestined Journey ( Story Series Part VI)

I was watching their every activity and sometimes helping them from my side as much as I could carrying some stuff here and there and supporting to arrange items together. They were preparing Sijuwa( home made wine) for the gifts for my home. A big pig was killed and prepared to get ready to take that with a strong porter. As per our Limbu culture, after the wedding ceremony at groom’s home, the groom's family is obligated to pay Rit which includes a certain amount of Sijuwa, pig or buffalo and some other food which includes pickles, seltoti( Round shape of bread) and many more items depending on the financial situation of the groom.

I came to know that my husband's family was rich among the neighbors as my father in law was known as the chief of the village and in their clan called Subba ( The title given by the government to govern the local community during that time). Even the guy (my husband) was getting away from me, I was constantly seeking his presence around. I didn't  understand our relation, but still I thought him as of my friend and felt happy when he would be close to me. He never talked to me neither he came close by rather kept on running away. I didn't know the reason why he was doing so exactly.

After preparing all of the stuff called Chesung (gift) to my family; me, my husband, three porters and few seniors people headed to my home. It was quite far to reach my village. I remembered the moment when my brother carried me on his shoulder. One of the senior men asked me if he could carry me. I felt shy doing so and denied him. I prepared myself get ready to walk. Even it was quite difficult I was excited to see my family and friends after a week. I was imaging if there would have some changes in my home.

We reached   very late at night. Everything was prepared for our welcome including tongba ( Home made alcohol) and foods. My seniors and the guest including my husband exchanged the greetings to each other. I was also asked to greet my father first and accordingly  to other seniors. I was tired but excited to see my friend Kali. Though she must have been sleeping at that time, she was waiting to see me. I became happy for getting her back as she was my friend of everyday’s life. We went upstairs on the balcony and started to gossip. She was teasing me sometimes asking about the new home and relations, but we both were little enough for not understanding the truth till that time.

We went to fall asleep while talking to each other and sharing our feelings for being apart. Someone shook us to awake as we didn’t have dinner. Kali went to have it, but I didn’t feel going to eat as I was so exhausted. I went back to sleep again and don’t remember what time Kali came back with me. I woke up early in the morning when I heard the noise of the people. I learned from that day it was the occasion of Charkalam ( Limbu cultural celebration after the wedding at bride's home).

People around the village gathered during the day time. They cooked the pig that was brought and made different foods. Again people started to dance Kelang , Hakpare  and also performed some cultural activities. My husband and I were asked to greet all the senior people with one of the senior uncles who was putting some money in the green leaf and introducing him as their son in law. That money is called Dogauni in Limbu culture. People enjoyed having meat, Sejungwa and Tonga during the whole days and also kept on dancing and singing the Palam and Hakpare. At the end of the day, most of the relatives returned back to their home except some closed ones and guests from my husband side.  The Charkalam was over at the end of the day.

On the next day, again my seniors started to prepare some Chesung (Gifts) to my husband’s home. I learned from the scenarios  they were returning back to  and I was staying  at my home. I felt little uncomfortable letting my husband go alone, even we didn’t have any conversation yet. My soul was feeling him someone close to my heart but didn’t understand the reason why I felt that way. I didn’t want him to go, but I didn’t have any choice as well. After having the lunch of the day, all of the guests and my seniors greeted once again and they were departing from our home. I hid behind the door and looked him from the small hole on the side door at him. I found that he was also looking something moving his eyes around. Coincidentally my eyes strike on his eyes, he made a smile, in return I became red and ran away, that was our first indirect conversation in life.