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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Predestined Journey (Story Series Part V)

I had heard from the people that when woman forehead is filled with the red color so-called Sindoor that woman belongs to some man. My tiny mind thought that  I became someone else since then. The boy should be little older than me he didn't know how to perform all of that ceremony someone senior was there close by his side giving companion and teaching him what to do. On the same way, one of my senior cousins was on my side instructing me what to do.
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Even I was a little girl I had seen the people's wedding in the village, but the bride and groom were older than my age. I convinced myself my father and senior had given me false assurance  saying that we were celebrating the festival. It was, in fact, I was given to someone's hand for the forever purpose. The newlywed's bride usually starts to work for the next day of the formal ceremony, but  I was little, one my sisters in laws didn't call me to work rather called me one time to spread the gratitudes to all the seniors and relatives.

The night was spent with Kelang dance the traditional dance while the people dance with drums in their unique ways of performance on the same ways of moving in the group. Paddy dances with Limbu songs and reciting the Hakpare( Limbu traditional song). I enjoyed hearing them with my friend Kali. She was little younger than me, but she knew that all of them were leaving me there alone in that house with the people whom I had been meeting them for the first time. I didn't agree what she said but later learned that which was true.

After having the lunch for the next day, all my friends and seniors got ready to return to home. I also insisted going with them, but one of my sister in law convinced me I would be staying with them just for a week. It was strange for me as I had never been that far away and never been apart from my home of that long distance.  I cried and forcefully got away from the captivating of my sister in law. My middle brother convinced me I would just stay there for a few days as per our customary law and would return back only after a few days. I didn't want to stay there alone, but I couldn't find any choice except crying.

The little boy converted to my husband after he filled my forehead with the red color. He looked little shy to me and kept  hiding behind of his mom. I was told to call her mom as my mother. I didn't know how to call him even though I just felt we could play together. But he never came to close me rather kept on going away and hiding somewhere. I didn't want to bother him as I was also not sure how to talk to him.

My bed was made with his sister, she was quite mature and already married, but staying with us for some days. He had others sisters as well who were both older than me but was almost like a friend. We had been placed together on the same mat every morning to give breakfast. That would be mostly the fried rice of leftover rice and milk in the cup sometimes yogurt instead of the milk. We all were asked to clean our plate after we finished. The beginning of those days was bit uncomfortable, but gradually I had been familiar finding all of the three sisters in laws as my friends and the new relation of mother that I had never had the attachment in life staying in the same home.

I spent a week at that home,  but it was passed so quick without any realization. Even though my sister-in-law, my mother in laws and other relatives were very busy preparing the stuff called koseli( present) to my home. I kept on busy most of the time playing and taking the advantages of new relations as I never found someone was behind of me to scold if I made some mistakes. When I was told that we were going back to home I was excited and much curious about whether the little boy so called my husband whether going with us or not.