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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Predestined Journey ( Story Series IV)

After all the preparation  I was placed next to that little boy on the same mat. My father started to give me the blessing with the Tika( rice with curd) saying long life together. I didn't understand that very well, but a bit surprised as all of the senior kept going turn by turn to bless us. After everything was done we were asked to salute our senior and we departed our way to the little boy's home.
Credit: Google

I was excited as I was told that we all were going to celebrate the big festival and we all would have a great time together.  My father eyes were filled with tears when we exited from the main door, I kept on thinking the reason why he was doing so as he himself had told me I would return back to home after spending some beautiful time there. My little mind had been concentrated on my father's face and I also thought to cry, but I stopped as I knew nothing wrong was there.

The way was very long. I couldn't walk all the way. My middle brother carried me on his shoulder for a while but I felt shy in front of that many people and friends and asked him to let me walk by myself. I was a bit happy for that opportunity as everyone's eyes were upon me and I was looking much prettier than before that I felt by myself with the new clothes and many pieces of jewelry that I had ever had before.

We reached  there very late in the evening. The sun was already set off and the round moon had appeared in the sky. We were placed close by the yard where many small huts were made with bamboos and rice straws and some mat were placed over the ground. Many fireplaces were made closer by the huts with big fire woods.

We were very tired at that time due to the long distance of walking throughout the whole day. I didn't see the little boy around, but I was left in that hut with my seniors and friends. The people from the village were gathered there in order to serve us. They had already prepared the delicious foods  and started to serve with Tongba ( Limbul's tradition like homemade alcohol)

After having the dinner, many adult people started paddy dance. This dance is a Limbu traditional dance where mature men and women who are not related to each other by blood join the hands and move in the round circle spelling the song called Palam. I had a fun while listening to those songs, even though I didn't understand what exactly the meaning was. I was close by the fireplace enjoying the heat from the fire and listening to the palam.

I don't remember what time I went to fall asleep. While I woke up it was already in the morning the weather was a little cold around. Many people were sitting nearby me and enjoying in the gossip having  raksi( Home made local alcohol) in the hands. They brought me and my friend Kali hot milk as we were the little ones among others. We both enjoyed that ships and kept on gazing the people who were in the great fun mood talking with each other.

During the day time, after I was changed with new clothes and additional jewelry, I had been placed next to the little boy again and he put a red color on my forehead. The Limbu priest recited some spiritual words called the Mundum in Limbu language. my little mind understood the little bit that we two were bonded by the formal knot to live our life together.