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Monday, October 31, 2016

Developing Personality

Personality is the combinations of characters, feelings, emotions, thoughts and patterns of behavior, which someone possesses throughout the life. Everyone has a unique personality which arises within every individual and remains throughout the course of life consistently.
Source BrainyQuote

The world is very tough and competitive now, each individual should develop the personality trait in order to have the competitive advantage and strength to survive in this world. We always wait for good things to happen in life, but it is not possible without developing yourself and getting into something make happen. Life will be more charming and rewarding if we commit to pursuing our own set of goal.  I have discovered some tips which are helpful to develop ourselves and find the competitive value within us.

1. Building confidence

Developing the confidence is a way of personality development. Never doubt what capacity you have and also try to find out your hidden strength  from the black spot. Self-confidence helps to overcome the fear and doubt and direct to achieve the success. Reading the success story, and identifying the strength, surroundings in the motivational and encouraging environment are the ways of building self-confidence.

2. Stick on yourself.

We live in the society and find many people who give advice and inspires to do something in life. Each individual is different and unique in this world and we can’t be someone with whom we work or live. We can be influenced by people, but we have to stick with what we are, who we are and what is the set of goal. We could have unique skills as well as the flaws and setback which couldn’t be the same with other people. Sticking on the own part is the way of developing  personality and developing ourselves.

3. Maintaining the attire

People keep saying that first impression can be the last. We have to maintain the attire, which also gives us the self-confidence. Maintaining  appearance or outlooks help to develop  personality in daily life. Keeping us decent manner among the surroundings and removing a lot of casual stuff from our body  help us to boost our personality.

4. Keeping courtesy

We will be respected back by the people if we learn to respect them. We have to learn to keep the courtesy to the people. We have to be humble, nice and respectful to the people. Never forget to thank and greet the people and apologize if you make any mistake. Saying sorry is a thousand times better than defending yourself throughout the words because one courteous word is more powerful than several offending words.

5.Be nice and curious

Curiosity and being nice to people is another way of developing the personality. We don’t have to regret frequently if we become nice with  colleagues, friends, and relatives.  We can make fun sometimes and enjoy the life being a nice way. We have to have curious to learn a new thing either by reading or listening from the people. Curiosity makes us good listeners to the people and can resolve  inside questions regarding many issues. Being nice to people and curiosity with  every new thing is a way of developing the personality.

6. Meeting with people and sharing an opinion.

We can find various people every day in life. Having an opinion and exchanging ideas and thought to help  to develop our personality. We should definitely be a good listener to the people, but without giving  own opinion, it doesn’t make any good sense in any conversation. We have to have own opinion and thought and should convey the message to the people. Practicing with people to discuss some topic makes us better and help to develop our personality.


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