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Monday, October 10, 2016

The gist of Second Presidential Debate

Many people have accused since the first presidential debate that both the candidates are defending each other and aggressively blaming each other rather than focusing on the serious political issues that need to be addressed. Donald Trump the republican presidential nominee says he is only
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one qualified candidate to make this country great and Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee claims that she is the one who can only make this country much better than this enjoying the diversity of America with the well enjoy with the people around the world. According to her America has been already a great nation and she is the one who respects its diversity.

Millions of people who had been watching the debate found the debate held up least decorous in modern history. My personal experience while comparing the debate between the current president Barak Obama with Senator Mitt Romey was alike this debate. I personally found more charming, excitement and more serious about the matters of the foreign policy, international law, and immigrant issues while watching that debate  but I also realized that this debate was less decent than what I  watched the presidential debate before.

The disgruntling face, interrupting to each other and defending oneself and blaming to each other, exchanging constant glares and telling one each other liars and even the Trump threatened to the Hillary Clinton if he were a president, she would have gone to the jail weren’t a pleasant moment for the audience as it was not supposed to be the way of taking the law in hand even if he was the president of United State.
Even the battleground was worse, many believe that Clinton won the debate due to sticking on her own way of convincing the audience telling the reasons to vote her. Her manner and presentations have greatly influenced the people according to the different sources and medias.

Trump trick of defending himself

Trump had a tension after his video from 2005 had surfaced  as many republican congresses broke from the nominee asking him whether to drop out or they wouldn’t vote for him. The video was how the trump sexually assaulted the women. He tried to defend himself, saying nobody has more respect for women than what he does. He accused   Clinton’s husband of defending himself.  He said he had only the words, but the former president Bill Clinton had an action towards the women. He attempted to connect that fault toward the Hillary Clinton stating that  she is a woman who has  attacked the victim more viciously.

Clinton Defend

Clinton pointed to the Trump stating he is dangerous not only for the women but his mocking of a disabled reporter, his smears of former Miss Universe, his attacks against the Gold star family and his motive of  questioning the federal judge and labeling of Muslims. She added, we are the people of all kinds, all religions, and all races and we respect to each other that is why we are the greatest nation in the world.

Federal Taxes

Since the first presidential debate, Trump is claiming that he is smart because he didn’t pay his federal tax. He accused the Hillary Clinton, she only talks but doesn’t work. Millions of Americans might have been taking the advantages of the loophole as he has been taking. He hasn’t paid the federal income tax for almost 18 years because he went into the loss of 916 million. He accused that of the Clinton and her party for allowing him to take the advantage of loophole.

Foreign Policy

Clinton Slammed Trump over his alleged ties to Rusia amid reports that the Kremlin was behind the Hack of Democratic Nations emails. She also accused that  Russia along with Asad must be held accountable for committing the war crime in Syria. Trump responded, he doesn’t like Asad, but he believes Russia is killing ISIS.