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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Purpose of blogging

Many friends, readers, and audiences have asked me about the purpose of my blogging or why I am spending my precious time to write something and update my blog. I have answered a few times by posting on my Facebook wall, but still, I found the curiosity to know about it. I am writing this article specially for you all who have a question regarding my blogging.

Writing is my passion, nothing more than that. I prefer to write my life experience, feeling and learning that I go through my personal life. Your feedback and comments have been my inspiration that's why I have been moving forward. If you weren't there with me, it wouldn’t be this long journey of blogging. I am so happy finding  you all around this world. You all are my motivator and inspiration to make me write again and again.

We do grade us by our own thought and perception. This is a common consideration  no one  could be the perfect human beings and same applies to me as well. According to the feedback analysis, many of you want me to run my blog as a website including all other components; that could be entertainment, article, news and so on. I respect your opinion and feedback and I am very grateful with your previous time, but unfortunately due to lack of time I am not able to add all of those contents at this moment, but I will keep in mind and try to enlarge my vision oncoming future.

The following are the purpose of my blogging:


A smile is just a facial expression, it does value a lot in personal and professional life. I want to smile but also make you all smile as well. Life is too short and we have to leave this beautiful world one day, during this very short span of time we have to deserve the happiness. My ultimate goal of  blogging is to deserve the happiness and I want to share with you all, the ways of deserving and achieving the happiness  in life.


One of my purpose of this blogging is an inspiration  about life and success. Inspiration is one of the  key components of success, without inspiring about the life, without understanding the value of living, we don’t understand the worth of  ourselves. In order to provide the inspiration, I want to create some tips and tricks which will be fruitful to generate initiation, to do something, to be excited in life for achieving extraordinary goals. Many people in the world have frustrations due to lack of inspiration, that's why one of my purpose of this blogging is to inspire those people who are in need of companionship, moral support by providing the life treatment by words which are much better than the physical ointment to  heal the sorrow and pain.

Positive thinking
Positive thinking is one of the most important aspects of life. If we have a negative thinking that diverts our mind, our attitude and perception toward the wrong doing. It is one of the dangerous evil and the glass ceiling that we need to break it in order to move forward.  Positive thinking is the way of success, and basis entity for happiness, success, and achievement. I want to be positive throughout my life, I want to attain a goal that is set. While doing the research on those topics I feel glad sharing with you. This is the process of sharing and gaining the information. Whatever I am gaining every day want to share with you all that is beneficial not only me but to all.


I am giving the information and techniques doesn’t mean I am a perfect human being. I might have a lot of flaws that I don’t know by myself, but I am sure I am not perfect and I don’t have enough knowledge. I am curious to learn a lot of new things in the worlds. I want to make a change for the betterment of all human being and in this world. I believe that learning is never ending process. I want to learn many things and I am excited, enthusiastic and strongly eager to find something new topic. I want to share all aspects of my learning with you all which are beneficial while sharing because whatever I have learned from my research I think it is wise to share with you all.

At the end, I would like to thank all of the readers, commenters and special thanks to whom who are continuously sharing my posts in social media. I appreciate your feedback, but I apologize for not being able to change my blog as per your wishes at this moment. I am optimistic, though, it will be done one day in the future. Nothing is possible without you, I hope your generous support, continuous  feedback will remain forever with me which will play a crucial role to be together with you all. Thank you!