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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Inspiring oneself in the hard time

Inspiration is an important aspect of life while diving throughout the sorrow and tragedy. We have to face the different kinds of situations that make us hard to move forward. I am trying to find out the ways to inspire the life even in the difficulties. We have to find the pearl in the beneath of the sea, which is not possible without hard work and a  lot of efforts.
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Inspiring oneself will cultivate  the fluctuations of life which give the real meaning in the future. It is easy to say but difficult to apply in life to be inspired and motivated oneself. We might face the circumstances of losing our relatives sometimes due to the deviation on the opinion we make a disagreement with our loved ones. Unwillingly we have to make a choice in the absence of options. Our relatives or loved ones may leave this beautiful world or leaves us in the middle of the way; we get frustrated, saddened and broken, but we don’t have a choice rather than consoling ourselves and motivating ourselves to move forward.

I have discovered some tips on dealing with those hard times and inspires oneself to be motivated in life and to move forward on the way to reach the destination.

Reading inspirational books

Whenever we face the situations that sadden us and we want to cry or lose our willpower seeing the bad things happening in this world, we have to divert our mind reading inspirational articles or books. I myself whenever to tackle the situations of losing the relatives and see the horrible news of accidents where people die unexpectedly, I lose my willpower. I lose my hope of excitement in life and think that working hard today has no meaning of life because death is sure to come in life. Those are the negative feelings try to dwell in the mind. In order to remove them from my mind, I grab the books, whatever it comes to my hands or search in google for positive thinkings ideas and concern that protects me from diving into the negative world and stay alert about the value of life.

Avoiding the sad news and music

Listening music we can entertain ourselves, but sometimes the sad music sadden our emotional thinking dragging toward our loved ones who we have lost and made us feel the moments we have been prevented from entertaining. Those are worse things to pick in mind while in the battleground of difficulties. In order to a to save us from that difficult time, we have to avoid listening to the sad music and horrible news. We should prevent watching disasters and catastrophic news during the struggle stage.

Surrounding with the people

While facing a hard time, it is difficult if we are alone. It is said that empty mind is the home of evil, we shouldn’t allow us to be alone rather we have to surround us with the people who make us feel better and can provide the companionship with them. Sharing the pain with people, it will be reduced and sharing a happiness will increase the joy.

Building Inner Imaginations.

While imaging ourselves, we might find our unlimited  potential that could be bigger than our real determination. It could be more precious and better than what the problems we are facing now. We will find the inner beauty of our life, our magnification of and our inner world. We have to deepen our inner imagination with the wider vision and mission of life. It strengthens our value and dwells the seeds of great inner power

Doing some things.

Sometimes negative thinking could be the reason that hauls us to a hard time. At that moment we have to just leave thinking ourselves rather we have to think of the people and the world. We can achieve the salvation by doing something for the poor people or any other people of this world. In order to have the blessing from them or we have to try to work for the people which will diminish our own problem.