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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Embracing the Rule of Nature

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson
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We human being are the creation of nature, we are born here and will mix with nature one day. As the life cycle of the living being, we have to cross the different stages in life. We born and grow, we become a child, adult and old. We will die one day going away from this beautiful  world and will mix in the soil. Our physical existence will be deleted permanently, but our generations will fill the gap. This is the rule of nature.

We can be poor, rich, humble, fool, stupid, intelligent, educated, talented as all of those are cycles of the life and rule of nature. We can not stay in the same situation because nature has the glory itself and it comes to embrace its changes  one after another. The tree looks so ugly in the winter without any leaves and fruits,  but when the spring comes on its way it starts to smile with green leaves and looks much prettier than before. In the same way, we have to bear the moment of cold, hot, mild and beautiful weather because of the changes in nature.

Our life is also made up with nature and circumscribed by the natural movements. We can not stay in the same temperament and the same phase of life. We have to fight with challenges, have to go to the battlefield  of life-saving journey. We become happy sometimes, but become sad even. Happiness, sadness, joy, sorrow, have,  haven’t all are the product of nature. As it keeps on changing its cycles it also wants our life to be changed frequently. We have to remember that if we are rich today and have enough money, we can’t guarantee that it will remain with us forever.

We never know what comes tomorrow. The money and wealth we  have earned, could be swept away by the flood, could be theft by someone else. So nature says that none of the physical possession could stay permanently with us.  One of the lessons  we have to learn from the rule of nature is that we should not dominate anyone due to having physical substances today and should n’t feel proud of ourselves having those stuff. All of those physical materials are temporary.

We also should remember that, if we are poor today, we will be rich one day. If we are fools today, we could be intelligent tomorrow. If we don’t have any physical possession today, we will definitely have them tomorrow. There is one saying, “ God just wants us to wish, we will have them one day”. According to  this statement, everyone has to enjoy the glory of life. We will not finish and go away without fulfilling our dream. But we have to keep on dreaming. Our dream might die on the way but should generate the new one immediately. Seeding the dream in the soil of our mind is the best ways of living the glorious life.

Everyone has a right to live and right to deserve the happiness. We couldn’t have all the material things that we wish to have today, but definitely, we will have them one day. We have to be optimistic, positive for tomorrow but as it says that ‘no pain no gain’ we shouldn’t be only procrastinating and should wait for the result of fruit without hard work. We have to keep on moving and keep on working hard to find the glory of life and the worth of our hard work.

This is the rule of nature, none can stay in the same financial situations, neither in the same emotional well-being. We encounter difficulties, sadness, trouble, bad moments as well happiness, joy, and excitement. Everyone has to embrace  the stages of the natural cycles of life. No matter what we are today, even poor or rich, but we should have faith on us without overwhelming the current situation what we are facing now. It might change within a single second. We have to be ready to cope that changes and have to make our temperament constant  and keep on going. The end