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Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Hidden mystery ( Short Story)

Disclaimer : All the characters in this story are imaginary, if anyone reflects someone’s real life, it will be just a coincidence.

I am moving out from New York that's why I decided to meet my long term friend Asima. Though we are in the same place and location we hardly have a chance to see each other. She is busy with her little girl and I am busy with my job and home. It has been almost 6 years now we (me and my husband) have been spending time in NY. Many relatives and friends are here that make us very  difficult to go away from them. Even though we get busy for our own schedule weekend and holidays are the best time to connect with each other. Many events happen in NY, almost all of the Nepalese festival. Gathering and entertaining
is the best part of those events. I am not happy about moving away from this city as I have been used to with this environment, but Raj has found his permanent job in Virginia, then I have no choice to stay alone. I thought to see my friend Asima today and went to meet her .                                              

We had a great time having lunch and talking about out personal life. We were a classmate as we went to the same college.  She got an opportunity to come to the United State for further study. By that very next year, Raj was selected for diversity visa and I and Raj also came to this state. We became very happy finding our friend in a new place. Everything was new, new place, new environment, and all the ways of transportation and communications as well. Asima had been here more than a year at that time, it was quite easy after meeting her here.
 She helped us a lot showing us the way to commute and finding the job from different employment agencies. I never forget that support which was in fact from a heart of the indeed friend. I got shocked today as she told me that she is about to separate with her husband.     I asked her the reason why  she had a long story but made short. According to her, she tried to compromise a lot with her husband, but things didn't go well with them. He Rahul ( Asima husband ) mistreated her since she got pregnant. My empathy went down the road when I heard everything how she went through her life after having her baby. But I am happy she is not like me or any of the other weak-hearted woman who depends on the husband. She is one of the determined ladies I salute her thought, her opinion, and respect her confidence. I feel so shy in front of her as I found myself dependent on my husband. I am working and earning a money but I haven't been as smart as my husband. We went to the same university and he completed some of the courses here and found the job as per his skill but I also did the same way, unfortunately, I haven't found the job as per my education.
Asima was quite interested to know our relationship as well. Whenever she comes to my apartment raj asks her whether she wants to drink coffee and tea ? That's why she has an impression with Raj he is a good guy who helps his wife from the kitchen to all the ways. I didn't want to flush out the truth, but just nudged her agreeing yes, 'he is a good guy and we are good so far'.
She was blaming her destiny in finding such a stupid husband. She said," I heard about many couples, the husband becomes the happiest one when the wife becomes pregnant, but mine was just opposite, you can not even imagine how my struggle was after I became pregnant and stayed at home". I became shocked about what she was telling me. I have my own story that I didn't want to unveil with her. I have been suffering from infertility since our marriage. I shared with her long time back, but she must have thought about her own life so she forgot about me. For her, I am the one who had found the kindest, loving and caring husband in the world none can be as lucky as I am but it's not true. She was praising Raj a lot that's why I didn't want to talk about his against anymore.
After spending almost a couple of hours in gossip at lunch we went to spend time in close by the shopping mall. It was just our purpose to make our companion little longer. She had a little cute 3 years girl vanish. My heart shattered and broke down why the almighty is not in favor of me. I am a woman and want to be complete having such a beautiful cutie-pie  but why my lord is not blessing me. My soul was screaming inside, but none was there in this world to hear me. Even my friend was there with me, I was unable to share this pain with her as she was undergoing with her own problem. Most of the time I became just a listener but at the end just opened little window saying something about myself. It was just because to ease my own pain.  I told her my infertility and about the Raj’s family as he is only the single son of his parent. She became little sad and gave me some advice for other treatment rather than waiting for the medical report.

I returned home after spending almost the whole day with her. In the evening Raj asked me how was the visit with Asima today. I just told him it was awesome. I couldn’t sleep throughout the night thinking the mystery of the life. I am incomplete I know I want to be a mother, I want to be a complete woman, but I don’t know something unseen evil is blocking on my way. Everyone sees Raj is a good husband but doesn’t understand the truth. We were a classmate and had fallen in love for almost three years before we married, but still, I find something different than what I had expected. We both work so, he should understand that it would be better if he helps me with household chores bur rather helping me he keeps on playing games on his mobile or sometimes on TV. He needs perfection at home but doesn’t do himself. I wish I could have ten hands to complete everything myself.

I tried to convey the message and change his way of what he is doing, but I am unable to do that. That's how I frustrate sometimes and think either it might be the reason for infertility. Because I researched a lot and if the relationship between the two spouse doesn’t go through then it could be a barrier for having a kid. My mind is full of all sorts of things. And think about Asima, how she is doing. She thinks I am the luckiest one with Raj and I thought she was one of the luckiest women in this world  as she became the mother at the early age only after one year of their marriage. She proved me today that was not true. I am falling in a dilemma, in fact, why there are so many mysteries in lives? Why every relation and everyone's life fall in complication when it starts relating between two opposite sex?

Many questions are in mind and I try to understand my husband why he just pretends to work in the kitchen when people comes over?  Another time he forgets even I arrive late at home, never thinks it would be wise to cook and prepare food as I would be tired from work. If I become sick, he thinks it would be a wise idea to order food from outside and eat it. Sometimes I also want to take a bold decision as Asima but regret with myself for not being able to handle myself alone. How determinant she is. She has the confidence to take care of her baby and her own by herself alone. But  I didn’t want that to happen in her life. Sometimes I just compare her husband to Raj. I found Raj would be one of the happiest father in this world if I had a baby on my lap. But I am not sure why God doesn’t want to see our happiness and smile with us. Still I have a hope I can make it as Asima said; we have to  have patience  for the day to come.

It has been almost midnight now. This immense thinking still doesn’t find any resolution of life. Some people are happy even living in a small hut and spending their lives just for hand and mouth. We have a big dream, bigger achievement, but still, we are suffering from many things. It is a mystery of life can’t guarantee about what comes when and how the life follows. We see the lives of other are better but we never know the hidden mystery of life. It is with its own race and doens't wish to be in all the human being. May god bless you all! The end