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Monday, October 3, 2016

Think Better, Live Better


Our way of living depends on how we think and what we dwell in our minds. According to Joel Osteen, our brain is like a computer even all of the hardware functions well the computer doesn’t perform well if the wrong software is installed.  The infected software contaminates perfectly good computer. The same things apply in our life. We are born perfect, our limbs are perfect and all the other organs work perfectly until we dwell the seeds of negative thinking in our mind. The negative thinkings work as an infected software in the computer which contaminates our way of thinkings and we don’t perform well.

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Initially, we are strong, we are healthy, creative, determine but when the negative virus contaminates our brain, then we lose our value and our victory as the original software is damaged by the virus. Even nothing wrong with us happen, we feel insecure, poor, miserable, hopeless and distracted. In order to live better we have to think the better. I have discovered some tips  through my research on this topic and found the following ways to make our life better by what we think.

Removing the negative words from the mind

We might have experienced many negative feelings in our lives about us and about our characters. Even it is a none of the business to talk about something about you but it happens in life. We can't find all the time nice and honest people. Negative people talk about someone in behind and when we hear about that we feel bad. We feel guilty about our past,  we regret with our mistake that happened in the past. Instead of taking them seriously, the best way is to delete them  from mind permanently. We have to remove those negative words that hamper us, hurt us and shatter us.

The negative words could be you are not enthusiastic, you can’t make any progress in life, you are not smart enough, even whatever you think yourself, you are too old to start this job now, you are not going to recover from this everlasting disease. Those are the negative treatment from someone that we have to undergo through. We have to collect the determine and delete all of those bad contaminants from our mind. Nobody else is going to treat you instead of by yourself. We have to have strong determination and courage of deleting and removing the bad things from our mind. We have to take the adverse impact that is I am  strong, I am determined, I can do it. Those are the ways of keeping away from those negative impact in our lives.

Proper guidance of mind

We have to judge our mind whether it is going in the right direction or not. We are the judge for ourselves and never let the people judge for you regardless of your situation whatever you are going through . Even nice people try to help us they don’t understand the reality of our own life and we all are the unique in this world. According to the Osteen, if we allow the negative feeling to keep on playing frequently then our confidence level, self-esteem, respect and dignity will be contaminated and that will push us down. We have to control our mind have to control us from discouraging us and pushing us down the road.

Place the right seeds to dwell in the mind.

As we may hear about our own weakness that discourages us and push us down. Our teachers, boss, our supervisor may treat us badly telling you are just wasting your time doing nothing, you can’t have any outcomes. All of those are the negative seeds that we need to avoid and select the best seeds to grow in your own soil.  Don’t let the wrong seeds grow in your own garden. Believe yourself, respect your own thought and opinion.

Think yourself, you are the best, you can do it, you are smart, you are intelligent by yourself and you are the greatest person in this world. We have to keep in mind, “ I am a masterpiece, I am one of a  kind, I am talented, I have got seeds of greatness” . Even the virus contaminates our mind, we can treat that with our own determination and thought. We are beautiful by ourselves regardless of what people talk about behind us. The way of what we are doing is good enough to move forward. We are well equipped, empowered, honest with the destiny of the greatest power of this world. These are the most powerful things in mind that can even kill the devil while entering through the door of our mind