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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Secret of Resolution!

We might see the problems everywhere in the world without the resolutions it might hit on our brains constantly seeking the way every day. Without an appropriate idea, we always fail in our lives because we don’t know the value of resolution and technique to get out of the pond where we should stay  until we find the something which pulls us up

We have to set our goals if we are failing now. Even we can't achieve that right now we have to keep on practicing on that. It is a saying that practice makes a man  perfect. We have to reanalyze our goal whether it is too big or unrealistic to achieve it. We have to revise it frequently instead of losing the hope and getting into frustrations. We have to keep in mind, nothing is impossible in this world. Even though we are out of the resolution today, it is certain and definite we could have a better way  tomorrow. We have to be optimistic  about achieving that definitely one day. But it is still necessary to revise our set goal and change as the optimal level of possible as we can achieve that.

We don’t see the way of resolution if we criticize ourselves. If we don’t find the value and worth ourselves  in this world,  nothing is there who measure and value our life. Therefore, let’s avoid criticizing ourselves.  Let's not forget the value and worth what we have, even though we hear the criticism from others. We have to take the criticism  wisely because it opens the door to get into the improvement. We have to analyze our mistake and make us better practice in life to be good for all the human beings and surroundings.

Sometimes we could have a mood of doing nothing even though we know we have to resolve our problems, at that time we can use our ideal time to the important aspects helping friends and family in need. If we want to get away for a while from what we are doing now we have to go for family shopping, or clean the house, wash the clothes or do something which will be helpful to someone else and that could be also the use of spare time. This is also a way of treating frustration and depression to the people because many people are frustrated and depressed because they don’t have a way and passion what they are supposed to do at that spare time.

Finding the uniqueness in our capacity is a way of resolution of our life. We can’t entertain by hearing the music and watching the movie, but we definitely find the certain way of our resolution that no one knows in the world. Uniqueness is the nature of human being and no one knows what we possess to some circumstances. We are only the judge of our self-behaviors if we have to choose the way that can relieve us from the pain, even it could be a temporary but give a great value in a hard time.

Research is one of the best ways to find the resolution of our sorrow or problems whatever we are facing now. We have to think in mind that as we are a human being, we are not a single entity who has gone under that circumstance; there are millions of people in this world who are facing more tougher issues than what we are having now. Only the difference is the technique of  resolutions how we are cultivating them in the ground and applying in our lives.

Motivating ourselves is one of the best ways of resolution for doing something that we are concerned about. For example, I am constantly encouraged to do something for the elderly people as I couldn’t fulfill the wish of my father at the end of his life. In a similar way, if we have lost the loved ones in our life, we can never return them back instead we can think about doing something with their names for our self-satisfaction and for the resolution of what we are facing now.

We can collect the tiny contribution in a picky bank or do something in the name of someone whom we love the most in this world but left us alone. We can find the several ways if we find the resolutions of what we are facing nowadays and want to get relief in the future and want to have the lives as usual of other ordinary people of the world!