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Friday, September 16, 2016

How to deal with criticism?

Criticism is not a fun while it comes up, but we have to deal with even we don’t want to face it. Human being is not made to perfection and everyone has shortcomings in life and have to tackle with
the criticism. Understanding the criticism and technique to deal with it is helpful for everyone because it is an inevitable entity, we can’t avoid as it is not under our control.  It comes from someone’s perception, thought, views and mind.

It comes from the rejection and it is upsetting with a bitter taste, but we have to analyze the source of it and figure out resolving and dealing with them. It could be either constructive or destructive. We have to know the intention of the people who are criticizing us. While we encounter with it, we couldn’t have that much of the patient and sometimes we behave defensively with the people, but before speaking out let’s take a peace of mind, staying calm and only react after a while, which will be fruitful in the long term.

Accepting the criticism is a great way to deal with it. We know we are not perfect and we might make a lot of mistakes in life as a human being. So, it is better to accept the criticism, even though it hurts us and make us feel bad. We have to make our wider thought and vision which is supportive of accepting the criticism from the people. If the criticism is not relevant to us on any matter, we can just ignore that and move forward. Sometimes our superior people criticize us even without our mistake, we want to defend with them in order to prove we didn’t make that happen, but that doesn’t work out if we start to talk with them at that same time. Rather, it is better to be calm and take a patience until they come back from their temptation. We can discuss or convince nicely what we tried to do wasn’t our purpose and it happened that was the incident.

Constructive criticism is helpful in our life and gives us a way for improvement. Even though we know a lot, we might have a lot of shortcoming and flaws that need to be addressed. Sometimes, we even don’t know where is our flaws and it will be a good opportunity if someone finds out and criticize us. We have to have the power of listening to someone instead of reacting them immediately. If our superior is criticizing us that mean he/she wants to make us better and want to change us with the desire of  increasing  our efficiency. We have to take that positive way and have to listen to them unless it is very destructive and harmful to us.

I have seen many people who tear up even with a tiny criticism as they think they are perfect and can’t make any mistake. That kind of behavior ruins someone’s life because rejecting the criticism means rejection of change and improvement that is nothing more than harming ourselves. Instead of being so, even we feel bad for some time, we have to control our emotions, have to focus on the meaning what someone trying to convey us. Taking those ways to understand the criticism make us better, improve our relations with our superior because we have to keep in mind, even we do have many flaws there is still  room for improvement.

Dealing with the destructive criticism is quite tough though we have to first figure out the root cause of criticism. If it comes just to make us feel bad or to bother us or just to harm us because of the jealousy what we have achieved, then it is better to avoid them  giving less important and not thinking them much. I know it is very difficult to deal with the disrespect that comes from someone’s mouth, but if we are trying to be a big person in our life, we have to make our thoughts and compassion bigger than what we hear from someone.

We have to prepare ourselves for facing that kind of destructive criticism making our thought by ourselves only the words can’t hurt us, it can’t slap on our face, neither it can smash our car.  It might hurt our emotional, but making our bold feeling remove them away from the counter. It is not like an atom bomb, neither it is a kind of swords just the words from someone’s mouth which are useless and worthless for us.

Whatever the people talking about in our back or criticize in front of us for the bad purpose, it can’t ruin our life and doesn’t change our thought if we are confident in what we are and what we are trying to do in our life. Therefore, we have to build us confident and strong willpower that we can gain from research or hang around the positive attitude people and supportive and influential people whom we find. We have to ignore those words of criticism which is valueless and have to move forward in our own way where we are moving on. The end