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Monday, September 26, 2016

Some interesting parts of the first presidential debate of United State

The Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald trump held on top notch debate in the first presidential debate on Sept 26, 2016. Clinton presentation during the debate went on hilarious pointing out the truth of the Trump giving with some facts and facets. At the end trump even didn’t leave saying Clinton doesn’t have the stamina to be the president of the United State.

Photo source ABCnews.
Million of people watching the first presidential debate believes that Clinton had the stronger performance during the debate. Trump was claiming that he has a lot of knowledge, temperament, and qualification to be the president of United State but the Clinton, on the other hand, accused him of having a long record of engaging in racist behavior and going back in 1973 of justice lawsuit on the accusation of discrimination for not renting the apartments he ran to the black people. “ He started his political activity based on this racist lie that our first black president was not an American citizen,” Clinton said.

Clinton put the clear speculation for not disclosing his income tax because he must be hiding something. Millions of people who are watching the debate deserve the right to know the disclosure of the income tax of the presidential candidate, Clinton claimed. Trump accused to the Clinton deleting thousands of emails while serving the Secretary of the state, but that was not the exact clinches to that point of what he made. Trump said, “ That makes me smart” in response to Clinton, he might not be paying the federal income taxes.

Trump also didn’t forget to mention his plan of deporting 8 million or it could be 18 million of non documented immigrants because he believes they are so dangerous to this country and should prevent them taking the citizens of this great nation. He said he is only the one who can make this nation great and also accused to the secretary Clinton  doesn’t want to talk about the law and order of the country.

While in response of accusation of the Trump that she doesn’t deserve the qualification of president Clinton responded that she has met the thousands of workers of Trump those were a painter, dishwasher, marble installer, engineers to whom Trump were refusing to pay  after they got done the job what he  wanted them to do. Trump said, because they didn’t do the best job. She accused him someone who don’t have apologised for not paying their wages who was wanting to have the job done.

Clinton  said; “ This is a man who is calling women pigs, slobs and dogs and someone who has said  pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers, who has said that women don’t deserve equal pay unless they do as good as a job as men,.”

Hillary put the wider vision than the Trump explaining what her plan is about and what was the economy before, how it is growing up and how to help out the middle class family instead of the Trump vision of supporting the wealthier people of this country.