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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A simple smile can make a big difference in this world

“ The expression one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothes one wears on one’s back”. - Dale Carnegie

Mona Lisa. Source:

Just a simple smile, can carry millions more  value than what someone is wearing on his/her back. That is why it is a saying that if you can’t give anything to the beggar you can just give a smile, it means a lot to someone.  We don’t understand the value of life unless we understand the how a simple smile can reflect the whole things in the earth. Throughout the research of a smile, I have discovered a few things about the smile that I want to share with you all today.

Importance of a smile

Keeping smiling at the people, at work environment, at the colleague or at stranger passes the positive message to the people and shows us attractive and active. We can find the difference by ourselves how an angry, frustrated people pictures look like and what  a simple smile make a difference while adding on that. We can see the difference between those types of people and absolutely there is no doubt that smiling one looks much better than the sad one.  Smiling consists of a sense of positive thinking and happiness and pride of human being. It is important to smile  even though we cannot commit a big thing, but at least we can offer our smile to the people.

Benefits of smiling

According to the scientific research, smiling is connected with health benefits. People whoever smile and stay positive can live longer, relief from the disease  has a stronger immune system than the people who don’t smile a lot. According to one research smiling release serotonin- a neurotransmitter that produces feelings of happiness and wellbeing. When we smile, we feel happy so it correlates with each other.

Smiling is helpful to keep on relating with friends and relatives, Research has proved that people who keep on smiling have a larger number people in connection than the people who don’t smile a much. Therefore, smiling gives us encouragement, enthusiasm, and motivation to do something in life. It is one of the crucial content of the first impression. If we go somewhere to the blind date and our smiling reflects our nature and perception which helps us to maintain a first impression with the people to whom we meet for the first time.

We can have a lot of benefit of smiling as it also encompasses the value as of the power of thought.  It is saying that the power of bullet can kill, a power of lights can burn, but the power of a smile can make this world difference. As smiling is related to the prosperity, happiness, success and everlasting joy to the people it definitely has a more power than other physical substances created by human beings.

Smiling can also reduce the stress and empower our brain to function properly. It generates the positive emotions and feels happier around the people. Smiling people can grab a better opportunity than the people who don’t. Mona Lisa became popular in this world because of the uniqueness on her smile.

How to smile

It is also could be a question of how to smile? We understand the meaning and value of the smile and we know it carries a lot of worth in life. But we could have a habit of not smiling, staying deserved mood and keep quiet. But if there is a will, there will be a way. We can definitely find the way of creating a smile in our face or by our heart and thought. We can simply follow the following tips to smile.

1. Just forget the moment that makes you feel bad. We might have many circumstances which we keep on carrying with us and that strike us frequently not letting us to smile. After understanding the value of the smile, we have to forget those bad things that drive to be sad and angry. We have to memorize the beautiful moments that we could have spent with our friends in childhood or any entertaining environment which make us laugh. Remembering those beautiful moments and carrying them in mind to help us to smile.

2.  Smiling practice in front of the mirror helps us to make a habit of the smile. Smiling oneself also stimulate the brain and activate the cells, which brings us the feeling better and happier.  Even we try to laugh artificially it will drive eventually to the natural laugh. This is how we can have a smiling attitude.

Smiling doesn’t only mean to make our face with the contraction of muscle, but it's definitely more than that. “ We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do” Mother Teresa