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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Technique of empowering brain

The powerful brain functions more effectively, more consciously, more efficiently, more intelligently than the brain which doesn’t have a power on it. According to the scientific research the brain power is connected with many factors. The heredity, practice and uses and much more. Even many human beings are intelligent because of the hereditary factors, but normal people also can optimize the brain by practice and exercise. I have discovered some techniques by my research in order to empower the brain by changing our habit or adding something in daily routine. The following are the ways that we can do to enhance our existing brain:
Phewalake view from Sarankot Pokhara. Source: trektour Nepal

Socialization and talk

Meeting people or talking with friends and relatives have great advantages in life. Many people want to stay alone and don’t like to talk more, but we have to understand the benefit of socialization and talking with people. It stimulates our brain and sharpens while discussing in different topics.

Deep breathing

As other physical exercises, deep breathing has a great impact on our brain empowerment.  According to the science, deep breathing has a physiological effect on our nervous system then sends out neurohormones that tell stress hormones to chill. Inhaling slows and exhaling out the deep breath after a while take the stress out of the mind. It helps to restore the calmness and empower the brain health.

Filling our consciousness with a positive thought.

We know that thought has a power and many influential people have gone through preparing their brain powered by positive thought with practice. Research also shows that in order to strengthen our brain we have to fill our thought with positive surrounding visiting the influential site or engaging with the people who always uplift us or provide positive feedback to move forward.

Playing game

Playing game doesn’t only entertain us but research shows that it has a scientific meaning while engaging our mind for a while to play with the various game. There is always win and lose while playing that stimulates our brain and empower its functions. We can play games with friends, but if not possible we have a way to play on our smartphone, computer or whatever ways, it is beneficial to spend some time engaging on playing the game.


Laughing has a great power to empower and enhance the brain. Finding the way of laughing with friends has a significant meaning in life. If we don’t have friends to laugh, we can exercise of laughing sitting in a peaceful environment.  Studies show that partaking in humorous experience positively effect three elements of the brain: a cognitive part that has to find meaning to get the joke, physical part tells the mouth to smile and laugh and emotional parts help to experience the happiness.

Having the sense of purpose

Research shows that people having the strong purpose of live stay healthier and lives longer. Studies show that the brain also thrives with the people who have a determination and mission in life. We can figure out our mission of our life relations our present scenarios, our hobby and goal. Interrelating to each of them together we have to determine the mission of our life which is one of the tools to empower our brain.

Yoga and fitness.

We are aware of that yoga and physical fitness has a great advantage of our physical health, but it is also related to empowering the brain.  Having a daily yoga and exercise help to empower our brain. Concentration and making our mind free of distraction has a great advantage for empowering our brain.

Maintaining the good sleep

Good sleep is necessary for all aspects of health. Our brain keeps on bombarding during our waking hours and it is stimulating during that time. Enough sleep provides us physical rest as well as mental reassurance. Lacks of sleep slows down our brain and negatively affect our ability to perform. In order to empower  our brain we need to have enough sleep at least 6 to 7 hours daily which helps to increase the daily performance.