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Monday, September 19, 2016

Little things can make a big difference in life

While returning back to work, I found two Nepalese women on the train. One of them was the wife of my former colleague. I wasn’t feeling well today due to the explosion that happened in New York yesterday.  I have a colleague who also belongs to Muslim religion and he keeps on expressing the good things about God and how they believe in god keeps the people happy, success and in the discipline. He goes to prayers five times a day. He can pray even in a tiny little room. Sometimes I also think that believing a god might make a lot of difference in life. I also do believe in god but I don’t have complete faith in it. I don’t pray every day, I don’t worship and go to temple frequently. If I want to remember the god I do remember my ancestors and who are in the heaven that's what is my way of remembering to the god.

I was thinking all of those things in my mind. If they are in faith of god why they try to kill the innocent people of this world. Everyone has the right to deserve to live in this world and have the right to deserve the happiness. They pray to the god, believe in god and frequently find the god closer to their heart, does the god tell them to kill the innocent people? My mind was almost distracted to the negativity since I was very sad about that news as I found the variation between what my colleague used to tell me every day and what is happening in this world. But the two women diverted my thought and mind.

I know by myself if we keep on thinking about the bad situations that tug us to the negative thinking and make us more miserable moment thriving the seeds of fear and anxiety inside the mind and thought. That's why I try to avoid thinking bad things, sad moment and tragedy. Which are the worst for me and everything whenever I encounter with them those are horrible and can’t even imagine. We started to talking about the news about how they were doing and their family and their residence. She asked me a lot about me and I also wanted to know her about her job and much more.

We hadn’t seen each other for a long time that's why it was normal to have the curiosity about each other. She began to talk about her daily routine of life, how her husband helps her at home and how they behave as a spouse in the Sherpa community. I was impressed by her little saying when she said;  in Nepalese poor people have a self-humiliation because they don’t even get an invitation to a big wedding party if they don’t have their own home in Kathmandu. I really found the truth of what she was talking about. I must have forgotten that  how tough it was to deal between have and have not. Most of the time I keep on thinking why I have been living here instead of going back to the country, but I little bit treated by their ointment realizing the shortcoming that we had been facing in Nepal.

Oh, I was little converted to positive about staying in the foreign land, even in the thought of at least we can do something for tomorrow. I don’t know what was the root cause of our gossip toward husband and wife. I don’t remember the motive of asking about their way of living, but she began by herself, in her  community woman is the head of the family and her husband can listen to her and can help her all the possible ways cleaning, cooking and doing everything. Otherwise, they can punch their husbands if they don’t listen to them. That made me laugh for a while and at least remove my anxiety. Laughing is one of the ways of deserving the happiness, the statement she said was simple, but how that made a big difference in my mind I realized after we departed our own ways.

This is how I realized there need not be a big thing, but even a tiny thing or a single word can make a big difference in our daily life. Even making our habit of thinking about the people of everyday life for their support and help can make us happier and more responsible people of this world. We can improve ourselves changing our little habit every day. We can make a difference in our lifestyle if we try to do something very small about of change in our life. Even thanking people and greeting them  in the morning and smiling at them give a great sense and meaning of life.

Everyone has  their own motive of living, but after all, we are a human being. We should deserve the way of our lives and that is the happiness which is not possible without diverting ourselves to the positive thinking and making our way better or nicer every day. Small celebration, thanksgiving, or offering to the seat to the elderly and disable people on the train and bus make a big difference in life. It can change our motive,  our living and gives the value of why we are here in this world.The end