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Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Miracle might happen in life

A miracle might happen in life, even if we are not sure about tomorrow. Whatever happens in our lives, we credit for our fate and destiny. Many of us have believed in the God and use to think everything has been predetermined by God and we don’t have a control on it. Even the god believers have been suffering from the
hardship in life and they do think that it is the wishes of god and have to face them accordingly. But in my views miracle doesn’t happen without our devotion and hard work, it might happen in our lives with our deed and dedication. It is a saying that; 'Work hard without the hope of return'. That means; we work hard today, but if we have big expectation from that we might be frustrated sooner than when we expect the small return from our hard work. We have to keep on working despite the zero return today because we never know the time for the miracle that embraces us one day. We have to have a faith in us, everybody has an opportunity to enjoy the value of life regardless of their fortune and destiny. Even a poor guy can enjoy the life without money or without any physical possession as of the rich people because the joy and inner satisfaction don't depend on money rather it is in the thinking and perception of someone. We keep trying to get better jobs, to earn more money or to be popular for something. After working some extent, we might expect the great satisfaction or return from our hard work, but the return of our labor mightn’t embrace that earliest of its tenure unless we understand the value of miracle that many people have undergone. Even it might not come in our life, but we have to be positive and should take a patience waiting the day of miracles. This a way of salvation that we perceived by ourselves in mind rather than having the big money or precious physical instrument to play in our life. According to the scientific knowledge; our inner enlightenment works for the transformation of our consciousness which is possible only if we stop worrying about tomorrow. The more and more we encounters with various circumstances, the better we deserve our consciousness toward the almighty of inner peace and success which is a way of miracle happens in our lives. Diverting us towards the social activity rather than isolating alone could play a vital role in our life. We should wait for the outcomes of what we have done, but if we engage in doing and having fun with family, friends and going out in the world of natural beauty, which heals our stress and provides the empathy and values of the human being. Waiting is a difficult time for whatever we do for the reason. If we expect the result of the hard work immediately that just bothers us. If we want to meet our loved one of the distance, it frustrates us teasing our loneliness. If we have hunger of jobs and want to grab them right now, it only pinches us moving away from us. Nothing is possible right now without the patience and being in the way of miracles. We have to keep one thing in mind, miracles might embrace us one day, but it doesn’t mean it might catch us without working and just counting the ceiling. It might chase us behind only if we are dedicated to doing something, creating our passions into outcomes and putting our eagerness going on every moment without any frustration and keeping faith on a day in and day out. But if we just keep in faith on everybody will have a fortune and better day, one day, which is not possible without our hard work and dedication. As there is a saying that; 'no pain, no gain', we can’t expect the miracles in life without spending precious time on doing it. Good luck for grabbing this miracle on the way!