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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The reason to be proud as a woman

We have to be proud to be a woman, though there is still the existence of huge discrimination between a man and woman. If women weren’t in this world, do you imagine how would this world be? Of course, there is impossible of this development of human beings in the absence of women. We
Namche Bazar, Photo by Hemanta Shrestha
have a general understanding that the growth of humanity would stop, and none of the creatures like
we would be generated in the absence of women. We can’t even imagine only the world of men in the absence of women.

The entire human begins with a woman and the home, which is the true sphere of humanity, is not possible without a woman. There are numberless things and beauty of the home, which we feel in our early age while sitting with the mother. Matrimony is the largest part of humanity that a woman has to perform the noblest job in her life.

Being a mother possesses an innate love and compassion and there is nothing in this world as women who endure the pain and pressure.  The greatest merit of being a woman is being a mother, which a man never realizes in his life.  A man, of course never has the opportunity of bearing a pain which a woman has to undergo during delivering a child. Not only that experience, a man even can’t feel the gratification that a woman gains while feeding her child and taking care and holding close to her chest. Nothing is more precious than an experience of being a mother that makes us proud to be a woman.

More than that, a woman is a more compassionate, more loving and caring than a man. It is not a saying, but also many types of research, theory, and practice has proved that woman's behavior from everyday life is different and more important than what a man possess for his child. A woman is more sensitive than a man and can take any job more seriously and a man takes any job that requires more responsibilities in general. The woman is the one who can play multiple roles, taking care her child, working and thinking about a human being. A woman is considered a human being with multiple hands. But the capacity is utilized for the merit of men, which is not for the sake of women being. Everyone has to live in this world for the sake of own merit, but taking advantage from women just because of being their wives is not fair in this world. Women are still prominent to cope with them and live with the compromise because they have a wider vision than what a man have in practical life.

The woman is the root cause of development of human beings. It is also proved by a scientific theory as in general the embryos start to begin the new life of human beings from the structure of woman, but later on, if that is a man then Y chromosome enters only after eight weeks. Not only this fact to be deserved the happiness for being a woman, but also there are numerous reasons to be proud as a woman. Many women in this world have achieved the victory goal, which has proved that the quality of women is not less than a man.

Women have possessed much important position in many countries like Angela Markel is the first woman chancellor of Germany has been the most powerful woman in the world. There are many famous woman writer who has been succeeded in their lives because of their hard work and continuous dedication   to do something creative in the world.

Many women have written the most popular books of the world in the history.  Most popular books like Harry Porter, Hunger Game, 50 Shades of Gray   are written by the famous women writers of the world whom, we can imagine with their kids make the world different than what other ordinary people can do it