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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Everything happens by reason

Everything happens for a reason when we encounter obstacles in life that direct us to the other door where we can enter. Therefore, closing one door means finding the other door to entering and whatever happens in our life that always happens with a reason. Most of the people who believe in
God think that god has planned and who has designed our life. That’s the way everything happens
according to the reason of the God. But, atheists also think that everything happens by reason because each individual has their distinct fate, which is determined when they come to this world.

People encounter with several things such as terrible accidents, explosions, bad things, good things, like nights and days. Religious people have faith in God for whatever the circumstances they face every time they give credit to the God. If they have fun, enjoy the moment or succeed in their lives they thank the her for creating for them.  But atheist also thinks that every event has a purpose.

If we fail today, there might be the reason for finding the better opportunity in life. If we encounter with strange people, it might have a reason of connecting them together either to make a good friend or some special relation to creating between them. According to the religious belief everything, which happens during our life, is because of the purpose of God. Love, marriage, divorce, getting children, killed in the accident everything happens as per the God’s intention. But if there is a God why she discriminates to the people and makes someone very rich and someone very poor?  Various questions arise in the mind of atheists.

Regardless of belief in God or atheist, if we want to have a value in our life, we will see the meaning in everything that happens every single moment. Even in the worst situation, there will be hidden opportunities that we can’t see and feel immediately, but that reflects on the future bringing the result. If someone loses the loved one frustrated in life for a while, but it could also have the reason for that happening. That individual might have the better opportunity in life than what she/he had before. That’s the reason almighty make them misunderstanding. If you are blamed by someone and feel hated by people it also might have some reason for your progress and recognized among the people for the good purpose. If you are poor today, the reason is that you will work hard and tend to have a better life tomorrow. If you don’t know anything and feel humiliated, that results from you learn every time to exceed the limit of your innocence and will be renounced one day.

If we take everything purposefully, the statement of everything happens by reason gives us the positive inspiration in life and ease our way to move forward. It helps us to remove the obstacles that we encounter every day on our way, believing that those are only because of the good reasons that are coming to us very soon in the future.