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Monday, August 15, 2016

Convert your challenges into the opportunities !!

 We don’t encounter with the situation what we expect it should be and we get upset with that unintended setting. It doesn’t happen only you, for all kind of people rather rich or poor, intelligent or an idiot, smart or fool; everyone has to undergo to the diverse circumstances.  While facing an unintended situation that tends to think that I am only the one on this earth, have to overcome with this state. We always see the other people having the better life than what we have. We always notice are much more valuable than what we have. But this not true, even a rich man is suffering from different kinds of problem. Only the money is not solution of every problem, people who are rich might have been suffering from other insufficiency in their lives or might have the desire to get more whatever they have until the time.
Switzerland lake, photo by Prashanta Weijishe
the happiness of other and everything whatever other possess

In the same way, people who have accomplished the highest education seems pleased and rewarded but they might have been distressing with innumerable incompleteness inside them. Everyone is hungry for something that is not determined by what we see from outside, which is determined by someone’s perception what is intending to have in life. None in this world is satisfied neither anyone fulfilled in life. If we could be so, the development will stop and nothing changes occur in the world.

How to cope with the difficulties? It depends on our power of thinking. Our thought has a power, which drags us rather to grab opportunities or to have a worse life depending on the level of it. Converting the challenges into opportunities is not easy what we imagine, but it is of course nothing is impossible if we take a try doing and making a habit of every day life. If we don’t have a job at this moment, using that precious time for researching a particular job is the greatest opportunity that we can convert that challenges into something important. It might takes a time, but research teach us everyday that means we are moving forward to the perfection, more intelligent and more knowledgeable every day.

If you feel humiliated by someone either by your colleague or by your boss at work, take that challenges as your opportunity. Instead of getting mad at them, try to find your weakness, which make them angry with you. Research them how they are better and know much more than you. Fill the gap of your knowledge with research and continue education. There are tons of free materials in Internet, use them, make yourself much more stronger than what you have now. It is always a better way to handle the circumstances positive way and take this opportunity to learn and be curious for everything. Obviously it is quite hard to be the master on everything, but it is possible to have the knowledge of all, updating everyday with information of the world. Utilize the resources whatever we are getting everyday and don’t spend your much time for entertainment.

Sometimes, situation might go beyond our control and we keep on thinking about that frequently. If we worry a lot and take everything seriously, it directly tends us to have a negative thinking.  That will straight the conditions to the poorer creating some harmful hormones in our body and we will get physically sick as well. We have to think that, everything in this world is temporary. Nothing remains everlasting. Even we are not staying in this world permanently.  If something bad moment embraces us today, like a cycle of life, it will rotate all the way ups and down and will have the better once one day. It is the nature of ecosystem to keep it turning the point. We have to think our life in the same way and don’t expect solid perfection on everything. We always want to be better, and want to have better life, better relation and everything should be exciting and harmonious but naturally it is not possible everyday. We have to make our mind to take any kinds of experiments that might appear everyday and also have to practice our capacity of transforming them into prospects. If you determine to do so, it will help you to tackle with the circumstances easily and moving forward with adventurous life. Good luck!!