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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton should be a president of United State of America

We might have numerous questions with us for supporting Hilary Clinton and we might be curious to know about why we should stand with Hilary for this upcoming presidential election? Hilary will make a history in America for being the first President of United State. Though America is one of the most powerful country in the world, none of the woman has taken the position of president yet. So, Hilary will be the first woman president of America, we should be proud of having her as the first Madam President of United State of America soon. She should be a president not only because she is a woman, but her experience of working as the first lady, secretary of the state, senator and her working background and knowledge what she has possessed deserves the right to be the president of United State.
Most of her agendas are in favor of the immigrants and low class family. She wants to raise the minimum wages that are good for all the low class people so they don’t have to be dependent of the government even after working full time jobs. She supports for equal pay for the women as for now, women are getting less paid than men and even there is inequality with a color women. Hillary wants to work out to make sure for equal pay rate, paid family leaves, earn for sick days and fair working schedule. She wants to work for early childhood program as she has spent her entire career working in that field. She has a slogan that, “ every child should have the tools and skills to thrive in tomorrow’s economy”. She has been fighting for early child access to quality education. She is in favor of enacting comprehensive immigration reform to create a pathway to citizenship, keep families together, and enable millions of workers to come out from the shadow. She has also put her agenda to strengthen unions and protect workers' bargaining power. Hillary wants to protect the worker from employer misclassification, wage theft and other various forms of exploitations. She will fight for all hard working Americans should deserve a secure and comfortable retirement plan. In addition, Hilary Clinton thinks that woman's right is human rights. She stands for women’s issues are family issues, economic issues and crucial to our future competitiveness.She will defend women’s health and reproductive rights against attacks. She wants every American should be able to learn the skills they need to compete and succeed. For that issue, she will incentivize to invest directly in their workers and provide on the job trainings. She is standing up various other important issues which will make the United State of America a better place to deserve the rights and freedom and strengthen the power of all the people living here in this great country. Sources: