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Thursday, July 14, 2016

What you can see in the New York city subway

New York city is one of the biggest melting point where people from the every continent cant be found. It is considered as the capital of the world and also one of the most expensive cities of the world. Many people dream to reach to this city one day in life, but when find here, which will be the different than what is in their imagination. One of the interesting and craziest things is its subway transit.
Every morning the subway train fills with the crowd. Everyone seems busy hustling and bustling. They have to reach to their work on time. That's the reason they keep on running to get into the train. All kinds of people around the world have gathered in this city. The diversity is the main character of the city
. Everyone deserves their own background, race, color, religion and caste. They are rushing almost everyday, their faces seem terrific, always scary look like they have been chasing behind something. Even in the crowd people get busy themselves. Some keep on playing
games, some listen music, read books, magazines, newspapers etc. Those are the common stuffs to spend the time underground. It has been a rare scene now finding people eating on the subway as it is prevented now otherwise it was usual using it as a place of eating and drinking. But still they utilize their time if they don't get a chance to beautify them at home. Regardless of the crowd, they keep on putting on cosmetics on their faces, making their eyes and looking in the mirror. MTA has warned, putting notice on the train’s wall stating not to use the subway as a bathroom, but they don't care. The most interesting part is, people use it as a street fair. Magician shows, magic and comes to collect money, beggar ask money stating he is out of work and his little children have empty stomachs. In addition, some teenagers dance in the group jumping here and there, hanging on the ceiling of train and collects money. Some sing to ask money, some sing and dance supposing he is alone there ignoring the crowd. I found one guy he was gripping and shrinking by himself I thought he should be a outraged by his physical expression But later on, found that he was not an outraged but crazy. He had his earphone in his ear and he was dancing by himself without caring the consequence of what he was doing in that mass.

A lot of weirdest junk happen in the subway, which is out of the imagination for someone who uses it the first time. In the evening, various seem exhausted, they don't have even energy to control themselves and crash on sleeping over the next one. It is ridiculous to find the men sitting while pregnant women keep on standing. Everyone has to reach home soon, but it doesn’t mean they can hold the train’s door. The train crew announces several times to not to hold the door, but the craziest people keep on holding the door in order to get inside, which wrecks the whole other’s time making the train late to move. But some people literary look horrible and helpless. Many get sick on the way to work and way to home. Some go deeply feeling their family, friends and loved one and start to tear down. Some leave their children vulnerable and make the crew announce and clutch the train. Despite of the hardship, a lot of couples catch opportunities; hugging and kissing making love and holding each other. That's how the New York City has been the craziest city in many ways. People visiting from Nepal and some other countries first time find it amazing while they grasp making love and enjoying by themselves disregarding the other movements in the subway.