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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Life is beautiful

If we feel our life is beautiful, yes it is, but it is too short with long memories. Exactly we are living now and enjoying the moment, but not sure what happens tomorrow. Life and death are like a two sisters; one is beautiful, the other is horrible. Only the certain thing what we have in our life is death. We will mix
Photo courtesy; Swapnil Limbu
in soil one day, no matter how hard we try to survive because it is the rule of nature and we can’t go beyond that. Everyone knows this fact; we are here in this world to deserve the happiness, to enjoy the life and to realize these sands, air, mud, stone, water and all other physical materials that are linked with during our stay.

Human being is the most developed animals; having the highest knowledge and have invented numerous substances, which have made this earth to be connected. All the human being don't possess the same kind of brain if so, there wouldn't be a gap between have and haven’t,  rich and poor, intelligent and fool. Everything is created different ways in human brain. Not all the people are at the same status of their brain, physical appearance, physical possession and they are not lucky evenly too.  Why this disparity existed among the people?  Why they are dissimilar by their nature, by their brain, and many more. Uniqueness is the  identity of a human being. Each individual is different not by the physical appearance but also by their perception, opinion, ideas and views. Everyone owns unique characters by nature, which is the major reason which despair them.

Despite of those facts, some nature  are similar to a human being those are; we are never satisfied and we are always  starving for knowledge, skills, money, power and a lot of things.  In order to achieve them, we start fighting each other, crossing and pulling, bullying and use all the  possible ways we can to be superior than others. Everyone wants to be powerful, everyone wants to be unique, hero and more intelligent than ordinary people.  Cruelty has been growing in human beings and they are loosing the humanity and killing another for the sake of their political or religious supremacy in the world. This kind of vicious activities is threatening ordinary people everyday. When people reach to that point, it is very difficult to divert their mind. Instead of thinking about them, its better to think why our life is beautiful.

It is beautiful because we are living in this exciting world. We have friends, family, relatives, and natures to deserve our happiness, sharing our feelings, talking with them and having a fun in different times. Whatever happened yesterday, it has been a  history now. We are in present, which is more important than what comes in tomorrow. Sometime we hear the terrible news, awful situation might comes which easily drag us to feel like life is just a doom nothing more.  While facing different kinds of unintended circumstances also make us feel bad,  but we have to keep on thinking why it is beautiful. If you love someone the most, just feel yourself with your loved one, you will find the most prettiest by yourself and luckiest yourself. We can feel and imagine our happiness, if it is not possible in  real life.

We are here in this world just for a guest for two days, why not we try to spend this precious time doing something important whatever is possible. I become so happy and proud of myself if I could help someone and can make happy with my little effort. We have a purpose of our life to live it a better way, to make it easier for tomorrow, which keep us going. Kindness, love, forgiveness are the major factors in our life which make us feel life is beautiful. Let’s feel the place where you feel so comfortable and nothing distraction is there to let you have your own journey enjoying every seconds. It is the way of sensing why life is beautiful. Cheers !