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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Struggle for survival

Only the fittest can survive in this world, Charles Darwin has discovered this fact in this earth. If someone can’t fit, its existence disappears by itself. It is the truth of living being and have been applied since they appeared. Today, while I was out for lunch found one old woman, who seemed
physically  disable because  her limbs were not moving properly, but she was pushing a heavy load in a trolley. I felt so sorry for finding on my way, but she is not only the one in this world whom I have met.  Various  elderly people are deprived of food and shelter, but still working hard by themselves to survive. I encounter  many bigger begging on the train or in the street having their proper limbs and with strong English speaking skills. But why those who  have suffered a lot have been working hard just for survival?  Many questions raised in my mind.

Life moves this way, without any reason it happens. But many believe that whatever happens that bring a reason in life. I keep on thinking throughout my whole day today. What could be the reason of suffering for the elderly people who are struggling just for their survival. Why they are not sitting in the street to beg money, which is easier than working hard and carrying a  lot of stuffs? My soul answered me; because they want to live the life of dignity and respect, they want to live by their own instead of showing their hands for the request.  How people perceive the physical substances in this world depends on each individual as they are different in their nature, their behavior, their characters and their way of livings.

I also found one miserable lady who was being assaulted by her owner or manager for not doing her job properly.  The man was assaulting her in front of the customers, how her morale had been down, it was very clear.  I have undergone several struggle after coming to the United State as this is considered as the country with dignity and respect, but where every day millions of workers are mentally assaulted and abused by their owners. People are doing their business and want to earn money as they are working hard and also creating several jobs for the people. They are paying for them doesn’t mean they can abuse them, they can assault them everyday.  Many people have been the victim of assault and abuse, but sill they have to be silent and keep quiet with many reasons. Many of them are silent because they don’t have legal document to work and many of them don’t want to change their jobs as they face almost similar behavior  from  every job. That is how the living and working style of lower class worker in America. But the positive part is that, they are earning more than what they can make in their country. With that money, they can survive and save little money, which will be a bigger amount in their country.

My question is that;  America is warming up for presidential election. Either candidates are making a very influencing speech to the public to cast the vote for them. This eagerness and excitements  have sunk to the general in the political movement. While listening their speech and commitment drag someone, America is really a great country and he or she is the only one who can make this country a better place to work and survive. But in general, they don’t understand how the lower class people are surviving here, and how the non documents people have been exploited by the businessman and American people treating them as a slave. This is the most genuine issues that should be addressed  if they really want this nation to make a great in the world. Whatever they are raising today for the sake of dignity and respect of all American people and human rights and equality of all the people residing in this great nation. They also should think about how their law and order are being implemented at the grassroots level.  Doing something different is not easy as giving a great speech, but in fact, it should be in practical life.