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Monday, July 11, 2016

A beautiful memory of college life

It is one of an unforgettable moment of my college life. We went out of the area of study from traveling India and many parts of Nepal for the sake of completing partial projects of the BBS third year. The most interesting part was while collecting the fund. The rule was very strict ; one had to contribute at least 15 days in order to participate for tour. We  had set a project for funding to lunch a charity show of Nepali movie ’Saino” . We sold that ticket by knocking the door of people
in Dharan. One of the interesting day was, while Patma and I went to one home, it should be in Chaukibari. The price was more than above the ordinary ticket price and we had to convince the people telling our story. They used to give us depending on their intention, willingness and some of them by relations. In the beginning one old woman came out, who seemed very polite and kind. She talked with us very nicely. We explained about our project that we were collecting that fund for our educational project and in return we would give her the ticket of the movie. We were not sure how much she was going to give us, but we were pretty much positive with her. Unfortunately, she went inside and came back with her dog and chased us, we ran away. That was a bad experience we had ever faced. All other boys were praising us before, but they made their faces after that, but still we were laughing.

Our mission completed after almost 15 days of hard work and charity show. We exceeded our target budget that made us happy to start the journey ahead. We had already piled up many exceptional moments during those days, but still many more were  going to be added to make this history. We began our journey from Dharan, it was beautiful outside at it was a fall season. The weather was very  pleasant  and everything was cheering up to make our way to go. I don't remember all of the days as we spent 12 days during our tour,  but there are some moments in my memory that has still remained with me. We spent many charming instants in pokhara and Nainital. We went for boating and visited in the hilly area by taxi. I remember the suicide point of Nanital, which was named after someone had died by suicide . It was a  scary place, but we didn't hesitate to take pictures with risk standing on the top of big stones. After spending the whole day around the lake, we had our dinner close by the lake area. After having some noodles me and Geeta became sick, that was horrible as she started vomiting. I don't remember the exact direction after that, but I guess we were heading to New Delhi. The ways were very steep with numerous turnings. I got a headache and dizzying due to bus jumped me several times. Saroj one of the joker mate kept me teasing; he was  saying; “ Whats wrong Indira, don’t be sick otherwise my heart will break”

We had collected  incredible sum of fund, but some guys of our team were controlling that  part of the whole expenses except food that an individual had to pay. I am not sure whether they were fair or not, but at that time we all believed with them because they were senior by age. One of the extraordinary moment was while spending the night at  New Delhi, which must be a hospice building; we went throughout the nights with mosquito bites. Only the god knows how the guys had found that place; we seven girls were completely innocent for getting there. During the day we went many beautiful and exciting places and enjoyed taking the pictures and having fun making different jokes to each other. We forgot that difficulty, which we had at night.  We were having lots of fun as well hard time too. One night,  we stuck on the way,  spending in a bus throughout the night because of some accident had happened there. It was our toughest time without food and water.  When the morning arrived, our boys mate brought some water and biscuits, that gave us strength to move forward and became able to reach to the destination.

We visited Agra the most beautiful place of India, famous for Taj Mahal, this grouping picture is the one we took in front of that Mahal. We visited a lot of  alluring places, temples and didn’t forget to take the picture while going here and there. One of the moment in Agra was while having Parauta. We went to have Parauta, which was very delicious and that store was located in the street. One big Bull came close by us. We started teasing our friend Parbati. “ Oh Shivaji came to meet you Parbati here, see!”. After then she got mad at us and didn't eat the Parauta. We regretted for teasing her, but still she didn't get along with us for a while.

Lastly we visited Khassa. The Chinese guys with a short temper  behaved with us lousily. One of our friend broke one set of gift by accident, but she had to pay in return. While bargaining for the price, they seized their stuffs and put them back. Oh I had worn very thin clothes because I wasn't aware about the weather how it was. I was almost freezing there. Shree  bought a jacket for his father and gave me to wear. Oh god that saved me from that cold. I don't remember which day it was we had a hard time in Lumbini. Some our girls mate started worshipping there, due to spending much than enough time, boys started to talk against us. We almost clashed with them.  One of the exiting time was while traveling to Mankamana. It was the first time riding the cable car which was quite scary looking down the sea and giant hills. It has been about 15 years now, but still this is recalling in my mind. Though there were few bitter experiences during our tour, overall we had a lot of golden opportunities in a big team of 47 people. Ram Sampang was a funny guy used to dance even in a news and he is still humorous one for making fun to the people.  The end