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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

While traveling to the moon ( Dream diary)

Real Dream
Every day in my dream, I found myself in different situations, with distinctive people and diverse locations. Today’s dream was a little amazing and unexpected. Usually I have an experience that if I imagine something, that could come to be true in the dream. But today I was on the Moon, which I had never thought in my real life neither I had dreamed up. The nature was the same as of the earth. In addition, there were water, plants, animals and all kinds of residential areas and other developments. I was so astonished getting me there. I looked like with someone, but exactly I couldn’t figure out who was that. In some extend she could be my sister, but it was just a blur vision and doesn’t come the exact image in my mind. I was an explorer of the Moon and thinking about the earth. I remember what I was thinking about. I thought, my friends must be seeking me on the earth because I might have disconnected from the Facebook for a long time. I had just lost my father few days before, so I felt how happy my father would be if he were alive and he knew that I reached to the Moon. I was trying to locate everything because I had heard that there were no live, no water just black stones. The environment was cheerful and people had already started to settle there. I discovered myself so backward for not going there to reside. I became so excited to share the story of everything that I had seen to the people after returning back to

Beltmont State Park NY
After traveling many places, I met with many people, who were enjoying their lives. But I don’t know any of them in real life. They seemed familiar and spoke with me explaining about the things available there. In the beginning, I saw one girl who was in the plane, I spotted that seriously to figure out if there was any differences between the plane of the moon and plane of earth but found nothing differences. The geographical location was similar in many ways of Nepal and some parts were like Long Island of New York. While observing the development it was same as of America. I was stunned remarking all of the inventions and evolutions because all of those were out of my imagination. I returned to the earth, assuming with a huge achievement of my life. I was again thinking about my Dad, how happy he could be if he were still there to see me after my journey on the Moon. My mother, Aunt, Cousins all of them were mourning for my Dad ritual ceremony when I was back to the earth. My mother was still sobering due to my father departure. I was trying to console them all but woke up suddenly.