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Monday, May 23, 2016

Dealing with the Tough Time

We don’t  deserve the happiness all the time, if we are happy today, we  don’t know what comes tomorrow. Life is full of fluctuations and mysteries that matter a lot in our daily activities and our temperament . It is a process of learning throughout its cycle, which never ends until we die and we are never perfect and complete for the corals living. Tough time might embrace us when we have an insecure job or no jobs, insecurity  feeling of our present and sometimes due to betrayal by someone. Those several things occur in our lives that we should  deal and acknowledge them. Putting aside all of the doubts of mind, we have to be bold instead and move forward for the happiness. Life is not too long, we will mix with the soil in one day and this is for sure even though there are many uncertainties with us. Therefore, we have to deserve our happiness until we are alive, we have to dwell in our joy within us, we have to use our human right until we live the life. Living the life for ourselves only give the value of life literally. So, if you think you are discriminated, dominated, abused, harassed and betrayed by someone with whom you are living with, it is better to choose a possible option to get rid of from that troublesome. Taking persistent actions in a tough time help to be determined for future.

Every individual is different in the world. You can’t have a feeling and opinion, what I have. Due to the diverse nature of our attitude sometimes we have to go away from someone which is really difficult to accept. Someone moves away from your life if your opinion can’t mingle to be together and move ahead. But, if you really love him/her and want the journey in cooperation , it will be the hardest time for you to exist. You might think that you are the only unluckiest individual in this world who is being hated by someone even if you desperately want his/her presence in your life. This is what happens in most of our lives, we don’t love  and care to whom who love and care us and we do love and care them whose ideas are different  with us and want to go away. In order to settle with this tough time, I have discovered some tips that might be helpful to you all. The most effective way to forget someone is to disconnect each other by any social media. Never check his/her FB/Twitter/Instagram whatever ways you are connected to each other. It is better to detach with them entirely. Never hear sad music at the hard time that trails you again to the feeling of missing someone that you love the most. You will find guilty and alone for losing him/her but in the fact, that's not your fault. Try to research on inspirational quotes about your life, success, and happiness. Meditation is one of the best remedies that help you to get rid of from that toughest time ever. The other way to get you out of that trouble is; forgiving yourself. Don’t keep on your mind with full of regret for the time being that you spent together. Appreciate your decision what you made and learn to live without someone who is not with you and not in your access.

Sometimes negative feeling also hauls us to the tough time. One of these days without reason we feel insecure about our life, feel scared something that  encounters with us and feels the dark future ahead. At this time positive thinking heals that negativity to disappear from the mind. Take a deep breath, try to be extra polite if something comes that hurts you. Be patient and calm not talking with anyone for a while. Think other people who are surviving with less resource than what you have now. If you feel a lack of love, think of the single people who are surviving their journey alone. If you feel you are not getting support from your husband and partner, think of the single mothers who have been living their lives working not only for themselves but also for their kids. If you feel you are poor, think of the people who are sitting on the road in order to join hands and mouth. These are the ways of bringing positivity inside of you and help to boost your strength to mobilize into your muscles and you will eventually merit the truth of life where you are and what is your destination tomorrow. Cheers!!!!The End