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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Something is better than nothing’,

The new constitution of Nepal has been ‘ something is better than nothing’ for me . Neither I can fully support nor able to celebrate this occasion with candle light even though it is a 65-year-old dream of the country. It is endorsed by a majority of CA members on Wednesday. The  new constitution should deliberate a new and prosperous  Nepal with federalism,  democratic republic and secular nation,  and a nation that respect fundamental human rights and equality for all the indigenous and minority people of Nepal.  In my views;  it has not addressed many concerns of Indigenous nationalities and Madheshi people who have been agitating to ensure their rights in  the new constitution. The demarcation and the internal border of the new provinces have been contentious. It is an achievement of thousands of blood, who lost their lives during a decade-long civil war called a Maoist insurgency period. 

The new constitution does not focus on the stipulation  of Indigenous nationalities even it has declared that the nation will go into a federation. It has  declared the federalism with seven provinces under a unified nation Nepal. The agitating groups are seeking the name of the provinces based on the  historical background, their identity and access in their particular regions. Consequently; I do not have the belief, the existing problems will  overcome, rather it might bring  fire again. For the sake of all the people, let us pray for peace in Nepal. Let us hope the situation will be better  and prosperous and let us have faith the cherish of Nepalese could be fulfilled. All the disgruntling group may come to the dialogue so, all the problems will be resolved in a peaceful manner. 

The first constituent assembly was held in 2008,  which was collapsed on May 2012 without any end result. The drafting of the new constitution is the result of the fresh CA election which was held in 2013. The major political parties urge that the drafting of the new constitution took place with  92 percent of people representation, many criticisms are surrounding over due to the horrific situation in the eastern part of Nepal. While major political parties were collecting the vote to pass the bill of the constitution,  many innocent people were losing their lives  in the clash between the agitating group and police force. I am very sad and sorry for them who have lost their lives and loved ones and thinking that how they adore their dream at this difficult time.