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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Prayer for the World peace & Unity :

A group of Nepali intellectuals in the United States has paid homage to Lord Buddha for World peace & Unity on the auspicious occasion of National Day of Prayer and Buddha Jayanti. A slogan on the visual, created by Raja
Ghale, a social activist and Honorary Tourism ambassador of Nepal to Atlanta, US released into a music video.
Nepalis who have been working in various professions and fields in the United States have joined for this noble cause by lighting the candle honoring Budha’s statue with the song "Wish for Peace"

The message will be conveyed that we all need collective courage and solidarity to fight and win against Covid-19, which is facing this critical situation throughout the world.

The song is sung by Raj Sagar and Anju Shrestha which is written by Raja Ghale and Gyanendra Gadal respectively. The music is composed by Raj Sagar.
"May the departed soul rest in peace, may courage and self-reliance develop in the entire human world, may this courage strengthen the self-reliance of the doctors, nurses and all those working on the frontline who work day and night tirelessly, and may this light of peace reach all around." Coordinator Ghale says.