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Friday, May 22, 2020

Life is an excuse

Life is beautiful but truly short. Everyone wants to live longer and experience all the new changes in this world, enjoy life by embracing these changes. Ironically, some people's dreams come true, while others leave this world at an incredibly young age. They are an excuse to live life. Within this, thousands of dreams are born and die. Some dreams blossom with the spring leaves, some flourish
and some get lost along the way. Life is temporary, we are all visitors for a while. Successful people are those who can enjoy it and live happily ever. But those who miss this golden joy their life becomes despondent.

Everyone wants happiness, peace, and freedom. They do not want to hear the name of sorrow or even experience distress, this is what they pray with God. Even with the prayer for happiness, peace, and pleasure, unforeseen sorrow comes in life, and one is forced to face it. Where is happiness written in everyone's destiny? When there are sorrow and disruption in life, then people may feel the pain that no one else in the world has this one. Why am I the only one who is always miserable? Why is it ironic that I am the only one in the world who must deal with all these? Such demonic questions begin to haunt the mind and most of the time is spent in sadness while searching for the answer to the same, which already become an integral part of life without knowing it.

In fact, human life is the most beautiful gift and the time to live. Every suffering in life is just an excuse to live life, some bitter, some sweet, some happy, and some unbearable pain. The difference is that some people can easily face the bitter reality with a sweet smile and gather strength to turn even sorrow and pain into happiness. While some people forget the value of their life even dealing with the most ordinary sorrows and difficulties and become frustrated considering themselves the most unfortunate in the world.

When we compare our lives with those of others, our awkward and uncomfortable aspects begin to dance before our eyes. The eyes that always see others with satisfaction and fullness only see the happiness and comfort of others, but never see or try to see the pain and struggle inside them and the embarrassment they suffer. Looking at the material means and resources available to others, we burn ourselves out and take all the stress out of ourselves and become unhappy without any reason and curse our own destiny. We see our common problem as a mountain and call ourselves the ill-fated of the world. This is the cause of human suffering. We do not always think about what I have, but we spend our lives in a state of tension, confused about what others have, and why I do not have the same thing.

Life without sorrow, pain, and struggle is probably rare. Everyone does not know how-to live-in happiness, but the one who can live by turning sorrow into power is a great person. Take, for example, Mahatma Gandhi, the father of independent India, and Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States. They are not born with that ability; they have come to that place after overcoming many struggles. Do not think about what others have but, think of yourself as being as capable as anyone else. When we cannot be happy with the achievements that we have and the positive aspects we have, we can never be happy. If you are spending time with your family, let us learn to be grateful for that, because let us feel the pain of those who live alone, and let's learn to be proud of what we have.
If a parent feels tired and unhappy with his or her children, think of the pain of those who tried to be parents but could not be, how lucky you are in that sense, and be proud of yourself. If you have higher education, how lucky are you to have the feeling of having thousands of dreams of going to college but being deprived of the situation?

It is the thoughts of all people that make them miserable and weak, so we shrink within ourselves when we cannot see society and the world above us. Limiting oneself around personal happiness and selfishness we will be always constrained oneself. Even if we cannot do anything for others, we can talk with sweet words. If you cannot help someone by giving money, but you can give a sweet smile. Self-centered thoughts always make you sad, but no material thing can ever give you happiness and satisfaction than that of a small effort which may bring a change in someone's life.

Now the pandemic of coronavirus has made the world scared and worried. Thousands have lost their lives in the prevalent that has plagued the world. Many are losing their families and relatives. The pain of losing relatives and loved ones is very embarrassing. Nothing is permanent, let us hope this epidemic comes under control after a while, let us hope we have the courage to face many things, so let's all exercise patience and courage and gather the hope to face the current difficult situation. I am stronger than weakening my self-confidence that I am going to die now. I am strong and mentally ready to fight any situation. Always keep your morale high and strong. If relatives and friends have some problems, let us comfort them by contacting and showing our love and respect. Instead of humiliating others, let us think about how we can move forward by helping each other in this tragic hour, and let us help as much as we can. Let us save ourselves and save others. Life is an excuse, keep thousands of dreams, aspirations, and hopes alive, and let us live life under the pretext of living these aspirations and dreams.

The end.