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Friday, February 2, 2018

Writing a blog is not only a fun but also a source of bucks

I started my blogging journey as my hubby to share my creativity. More importantly, I  am delighted to share the happiness and extend its boundaries limitless with the passion of spreading positive thinking. Now I learned many things during my journey. It is not only a fun now it is likely a source
One of the precious moments!
a part-time job which fuels my side pocket when the regular source of income speeds up so fast. It is not a magic though, it is a fruit of hard work and continues commitments.

It is always exciting to find numerous audiences around the globe. The curiosity of my readers keeps me alive, though I am tired from my job. As an accountant, I have to stay late night once in a month during the billing cycle so did I. It was already 8.30pm when I finished my junky works and returning back to home. When I stepped on the train, luckily found many vacant seats, which allowed me to put my bag and seated in one corner. Though I was very tired after the extra work when I thought to share my pleasure with my audience, I was able to restore my energy and started to write on my mobile notebook.

It is always worth to share the happiness, pleasure, pain, and pressure which always optimize its values. If I share my happiness, I find it doubles its amount and if I share my pain with you, I find it diminishes and ultimately disappears. That's why it is always a fun to share both the circumstances. We may not have friends all the times to share our feelings, but we are not alone. The technology has connected with the world, but one has to be very smart in choosing the right person. Instead of sharing directly,  this blog has been an incredible source of sharing with people like you. We are the complementary parts as I benefit sharing with you and you will be benefited reading my stuff as well.

I always agree with this statement;" Everything happens for a reason". I didn't have that many expectations when I started writing here, but within a short period, I became able to reach numerous people around the globe who keep on waiting for my post. I am motivated because of you, I am excited because of you. I wish I can always encourage you, inspire you and make you stronger than me in return. I am very confident we will walk together and will play a complementary role with each other. I assure you, I will guide you in the right direction. I have plotted a new vision to generate an idea which will be very helpful to you who will follow me. Please don't forget to subscribe. My success is yours and your happiness is my mission. Let's do it together joining the hand, together we will make difference in this world. Thank you once again for being part of my journey.