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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The last delivery

One of the richest couples were planning to celebrate the grand New Year eve. They decided to invite their friends and loved ones to treat with a delicious meal and drink. They went to the market for shopping and purchased varieties of items. They didn’t mind spending the money as they thought
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that was the biggest day to celebrate and enjoy. As they had enough money, it was not a big deal to spend for their desire to share the happiness with the people whom they like.

After they completed their shopping, they noticed the stuff became a huge pile and thought they need to hire a porter to deliver them to their home. They found an old porter and asked about the rate. The old porter was very hungry and hadn’t had a meal for a few days. He agreed to deliver that stuff in $20.00 which was much cheaper than the market rate. The rich couple who never thought about spending their money on other stuff bargained with that old man and requested to do that in $15.00

The old man who thought at least he could fill his empty stomach once after he would get done his job agreed that ordered. The couple became happy for bargaining with the old man and saving $5.00 for delivery charges. They reached the home and waited for the porter to get their stuff. But time passed away, he never showed up for them. They suspected whether the old man disappeared, taking away their stuff. The wife scolded her husband for believing the old man who seemed very poor and hungry. Eventually, they decided to search the man and thought to complain to the police officer.

On their way, they found another porter who was carrying their stuff on his cart. When they saw him, they stopped and said; “ Where is that old thief? who agreed to deliver our stuff but sold to you and ran away?” After listening to the couple the porter became very sad and his eyes were filled with the tears. He couldn’t speak well as his voice was breaking up. He asked them to cool down and explained the situation.

“Madam, sir, whatever you are thinking about me and your previous old porter that is wrong. The old porter was neither a thief nor he sold your stuff to me, rather he was very old, was sick for almost a month and hadn’t eaten anything for a week. He agreed to deliver this stuff because to fill his empty stomach even once with the $15.00, but because of this hot weather, he became unable to deliver your stuff. Before leaving this world, he handed this $15.00 to me and asked me to complete this job. This was his last delivery”.

The couple couldn’t speak anything. They ashamed for blaming the poor guy and thought the proudness of their money was in vain as they couldn’t identify how to utilize them.


People, if you are proud, you have a lot of money, but you will regret one day if you don’t know how to use them. Don’t judge the poor people in your own eyes, they could be much nicer and better than what you may think and suspect.