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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Women and their dreams

During my span of life, I found several friends, colleagues, and mates and experienced my own life as a woman. I discovered that most of the women have to compromise throughout the life and work double harder than a male counterpart. The existing disparity and patriarchal social system never let the
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women to grow and foster their dream with enough support throughout the heart. Most of the male counterparts show their apparent support, but they don't give up their dominant character completely from their mind. They always believe, stronger and smarter than women even though they are not in fact.

Only a few women share their real experiences of life because of the various reasons. Some of them believe that spreading the own problem only break the relationship which is bad for their future and for their children. Most of them want to keep their relationship going on with sacrificing their dream for the sake of the happiness of their children and family. Some of the women themselves believe that they are the ones who should respect their husband and the males are the head of the house so, they have to listen to them and stay under their decisions what they allow them to do. Those types of women are mostly uneducated and dependent on their husbands.

Among the women, I have also found such types as well who always want to hide the true pain and always show up the happiness sharing their pride and success of their husbands. They just want to show that they are so happy because their husbands are very supportive, helpful and pretend themselves as one of the luckiest women in the world. But the truth is always different. One of my friends who always tell me she is the luckiest and happiest women in the world. I congratulated her and never ask again about her family. The second time she opened by herself saying, her husband is so nice, but never helps at home for cleaning and organizing. I didn't understand what she was trying to message me, but I understood how she was pretending to be assumed the luckiest ones.

Reading throughout the different real story and experimenting my own life, women temp numerous dreams but have to work double harder than male counterparts to be there in the same position because of the responsibility of taking care of the family and unsupportive spouses. The challenges for women still exist even we are educated, independent and know the truth. We can't fight every day at home until and unless our male counterparts realize that the home is also theirs and they also have to take their responsibilities otherwise the crow keep on crying, the mud will be drying.

It is very hard for women, but I don't mean we have to give up our dreams and our hopes. Everything needs right time. It may take a time, but we have to lit the lights of hope and determination. Sooner or later, the day will come and our dreams come to be true. Regardless of our double responsibility our dedication always makes us strong,  brave, intense and influential motivating towards our dreams until and unless we die. The hard works always reward us back with the pleasant gift, let's hope the same and be optimistic.