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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Life has many choices

Life has many choices, but always hard to choose the right one. Every human being is suffering from the scarcity not by the absence of physical substance, but due to the mentality of willing more. People without basic needs seek to fulfill that, when they find it, they need to have name and fame. People
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having both name and fame again, keep on seeking more than whatever they have and need the persistent happiness and permanent possession though life is still temporary and not sure when it ends up.

That is why life can't opt out the best choice what that could be. We need the acceptance, validation, justification for what we have been doing is correct for the people whom we are surrounded. In fact, we are lacking behind the norm of independence and letting our life to foster along who can justify it to be the truth. We are lost in the middle seeking all of those rather moving forward to our destination. We can't choose the best one even the many beautiful flowers welcome in our ways because of the doubt and fear that we temp to find the validation.

The difference between the lucky and unlucky people are because of the matter of choice. Luckiest people always make the wisest decision and opt the right things in life. On the other side, people with the confusions and seeking the acceptance always fail and give up the hope. The luckiest people never give up though, they fail many times and keep on trying until and unless they achieve their dreams. Let's figure out the right choice as numerous choices prevail on our way with considering only the conscious decision which grabs our dream to be true.