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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The procastination

One of the major enemy of blocking the way; the procrastination. I always think a lot but no less. It is not only me average people have the almost same kind of habit.   We always wait for the next time and the future, but forget how fast the time flies away and leaves us behind. So many things come at
once, but when we can't rank then we just make zero in hand

I discuss with my friends and suspect whether I am only the one who keeps on only thinking but not doing. O, some of the geniuses are very far away who dictate it and remove the bad habit of waiting tomorrow. With the arrival of the new year, I evaluated my past but not satisfied with what I have accomplished because I couldn't leave that procrastination rather spent the precious time fruitlessly.

It is not easy as a working mother who should go away from home for almost 10 hours a day and have to spend time with the child. It is one of the precious moment that I enjoy, but as a career-oriented mother, a lot of things pile in my brain just as a procrastination. I want to start now, but when I get busier with household chores then can't opt except to wait for next time. It hasn't happened yet since last year. I am surprised sometimes about managing the time. Can't blame anyone and just enjoy the life despite realizing the truth.

No matter how the life goes on, it is true, we have to say bye-bye to everyone one day. Regardless of trial and error if it doesn't come to true that perfectly acceptable. We can't change the destiny, but at least we can hope and try for the best. Sometimes I feel the lack of time and sometimes I feel I am lost in the middle of somewhere. I hope this new year may definitely bring the truest dream with the fantasy and charming glory. Let's embrace and rock with the challenges, edging the procrastination as possible as we can.