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Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Iran Woman of Pakistan

Moniba Mazari (Born in 1987) who is known as the iron woman in Pakistan is an artist, model, activist, motivational speaker, singer and television host. She survived after sustaining a lot of injuries Let Your walls Wear Colors.
Muniba Mazari
due to the car accident at the age of 21 which turned her to the physical disability but found her the new ability after facing the severe treatments and trauma. She is also the National Ambassador for UN Women of Pakistan and she has established her brand known as Muniba’s Canvas with the slogan

She got married at the age of 19 years, though it was never a happy marriage. In Pakistan to agree with the parents is the faithfulness of the children and that is why when her father asked her to marry she thought if they would be happy why not to accept that. So what she did. One day while returning from her husband home to her home on their way, her husband might have fallen asleep in the car went to the accident. Her husband became able to jump out to save his life, but she ended of sustaining with multiple injuries and her life ended in the wheelchair after a lot of efforts which was also unpredictable to the medical science.

She wanted to paint, but one day when the doctor came and said she could never use her hand, she was badly fractured as her dream was going to ruin on its way. She had a fear of divorce after her accident, but she had to go through that after all as her husband remarried. She faced that happily collecting the enormous effort and wished his gorgeous life ahead. She found no meaning and value of herself when the doctor said she could no longer bear any child. On that day she devastated and screamed severely asking the question to the god why all of these were happening to her life why it was only for her. What was the meaning of living the life if she couldn’t be a mother anymore? She cried a lot, but her mother's compassion gave her a new strength and she realized that there are numbers of children who just need to the acceptance, love, care, and compassion. Therefore, she discovered herself only bearing the child is not a choice to become a mother.

She opted to adopt the child and she did who was only two days when she took him. Now he is six years old. After the accidents, she had developed the fear of how the people would notice and treat her. That is why she kept herself away from the socialization and from the people. Spending the two years complete bed rest she painted a canvas which people like the most. In fact, that was the expression of her sorrow, emotions how she went through those days staying inside and just watching out of the window.

But later on, she became able to develop her disability into ability. She started to go among the people and talk about and kept on the painting which she had desired. She turned all of her adversities into ability. The BBC listed her name in 2015 as one of the most inspiring women in the world. She works as an occasional anchor at PTV being their first wheelchair-using anchors. She has shown the world how the thing is possible if you determine to be something. She is the motivational speaker in various platforms like TEDx, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Young president Organization, Global Leadership Conference (GLC) 2016 and many more. She wants to be known herself as the iron woman who has that strong desire and ambition who can fight with people's eyes to turn their sympathy into opportunities.