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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Motherland always remains in the heart.

It has been almost a decade now I left my place my motherland Nepal but no single day I spent without missing my motherland.  I find myself in the same place with the childhood friends when I am in the dream. The memory reveals back to me with the subconscious mind and always haunting
The scene from Gupha Pokhari of Nepal
with the image of the land where I was born and grew up. I have spent a long journey in the foreign land and during this time span have piled of experience and enormous stuff layered in the memory, but still, my motherland keeps on chasing me every day.

I came to the United State for my better future, career and to grab the better opportunities accessible here. This country is known as the land of opportunity and I am not the exception who was curious to land its feet. It was not only for my pleasure and fun but also to take care family and supporting them to some extent which drives everyone to go the abroad, but everything happens in life that might be favorable or unfavorable depending on the different factors.

Luckiest ones speed up the progress and able to grab the dream but many unfortunates ones have to struggle very hard. Circumstances come and go but dream stays alive even striking with thousands of hustle and bustle. After all most of the people make their life better and prettier than the situation what was they have before in Nepal.

I am not mean only the people who leave their motherland make the dream alive but the numbers of people with great determination and compassion make their dream true even living in the own country. As I said everything is different and everyone is not equally lucky who are well equipped with the intelligent brain and understanding power.

Numerous people settle in the foreign land with the dream and hope of better future but in fact regardless of how much they earn and the pleasurable life they have had they don't have singe day missing the motherland. No exceptions with the Nepalese people who are living in the United State of America with a dream beautiful futures. We are curious about our motherland more than where we are now. We might be aware of the political situation of Nepal more than what is happening here because we never turn away the eyes from Nepal news.

It proves that wherever we go leaving our country the love, compassion, and the memory of our land keep on chasing every moment no matter how far we are and what we are doing.  We honor our land from the heart and always wish the better thing could have happened there. We wish and pray whoever rules the country, will bring the peace, prosperity, security, development, and advancement so every Nepalese people will feel proud being from the land of Mount Everest and enjoy their rest of the life with respect and dignity.