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Monday, December 11, 2017

Everyone has own strength ( Moral Story)

Once upon a time, a very powerful king was ruling his kingdom. He used to involve in the hunting and war against his enemies. He was very famous and popular among the people because of his power and bravery. Unfortunately, he lost his one leg and one eye during the greatest war of kings. Even losing his leg and one eye, he was able to save his kingdom.

Everyone has own strength ( Moral Story)

One day he remembered his early life where he had a beautiful moment there. He wanted to portray those revelations in the pictures and ordered his ministry to collect the best painters of that country. 
Picture of one eyed-King
The ministry selected the best three painters and brought to the king.

The two painters made the very beautiful portrait of the kings. They able to magnify what every possible sway they had but they didn't see any way to differentiate the one-eyed and one oh king. All of those were beautiful for other eyes, but the king rejected them. There was only one best painter had left for the test and the last one assured the king, he would make the best one as what the king wanted.

All of the other people and painters waited to see how he would make the portrait of what the king wanted to make. After the king saw the last portrait he smiled and declared the large sum of the award to the painter. Everyone was curious to see what he painted that made the king happy to give him the award.

 At last, they saw that he had painted the portrait where he didn't show the king's lost an eye and a leg. He showed only one leg and eye and the defected was hidden.

Moral of the story;

We always want to show the people's defect and weaknesses, but forget the strength and beauty what people have. If we forget the people's flaws and defects, everyone is beautiful in this world.