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Sunday, November 26, 2017

While observing the scary death

The death is always scary and painful. Whenever I remember the death the first thing that comes to my mind is my little child, my mother and all my family and friends who are directly and indirectly
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connected with me. Everything in life is uncertain if only the certain thing in life we can count is death, which is inevitable and definite for everyone.

Few days before Prakash Dahal the son of the former prime minister of Nepal and the leader of Maoist Prachanda died due to the cardiac attack. He was only 36 years at that time. After that news, many things happening among the people; scares, consciousness and the initiation of finding the cause of the heart attacks. Death is always sad no matter who could be the one. We don't want the death of the people nevertheless whom we could have several disagreements or even the enemy for some reason. It is always painful for the family and the loved ones. We want to spend our short period of life happily supporting each other and sharing and caring each other.

Along with the family members; everyone in life carries a certain dream, if someone dies in the early ages, the dreams remain incomplete. As a human being, we wish everyone should deserve the happiness and should live the life until their dreams come to be true. But the death is always uncomfortable, ugly and unrelenting. Death could be the biggest fear of everyone's mind as we don't want to leave this beautiful world as well all of our relatives whom we are taking care.

I was little concerned about my health after I felt the pain in my chest. I decided to make sure everything is alright going to the doctor. After I reached there one little boy, he was only six years old was with his sick mother who had the breathing problem. I felt for the boy as he was explaining his mother situation. After a few whiles, an old man was carried beside me. The doctors and nurses were taking care them. They didn't come on me soon and kept me waiting for a long time. When the nurse transferred me to a different department in a rush I scared whether they found something seriousness as they had already done the EKG.

After moving to the different stations I was given some medicine and asked me to wait. I was still scared and thinking about my Mukkum Hang, if I had been kept throughout the whole night there how he would have spent the night. I was thinking all of the situations suddenly I heard the screams from the station where I was before. My fear raised to the double whether I was also going to that same. I knew someone died, but prayed to god that couldn't be the one who was the mother of the little boy.

Having a lot of doubts in mind, I was waiting for the doctor. Many serious patients were coming frequently. After seeing all of the scenarios I thought I am lucky for not working in the hospital and also determined won't work in the future as well because my heart is not that strong to see the death and sick people every day. During my wait, one of the Doctor came and said my EKG was good, but need to do the ultrasound to make sure my heart is functioning well. The little boy mother was also transferred to my station. I breathed for crossing one doubt of her death and felt little relief of seeing her alive. Finally, they discovered everything was alright with me and realized the biggest victory over the death and returned back to home with a feeling of new life.