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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Turn your biggest problem to the greatest gift of your life

Do you think anyone in this world is free from the problems? Can you imagine someone who is out of the difficulties? If you imagine the ideal people in this world with no suffering and no problems,
then it is, in fact, your thought is invalid. No human being in this world is out of the problems and suffering, no one has an ideal life what is called the perfection. We might have thought that our lives would be ideal and fantastic if We could have achieved what we are willing to have. But our true dream is invisible contrary to reaching to the idealistic point what we think now, if you possess that thing we will be again willing to have the different things those are out of our hand.

Based on my recent research I am just trying to stir some of my knowledge what I learned from the people who are the most successful and influential to the human being. I hope you won’t undermine my opinion rather you will value my time that I spent and my passion to spread whatever I have made my effort to reach up to you. Everyone in this world has been suffering from the problems, but the research shows that only the filtered and fittest people can reach to the success and can benefit from the mistake in the past and the problems which suffered.

As a human being, we are surrounded by multiple people with different knowledge, experience, idea, education and understating. For the successful people, all of those are the experience and opportunity to learn the various things from them, but only the failures blame the circumstances and the people with whom we are surrounded. The important things in life are our passion and our thinkings. We must be aware of this beautiful quote about the people mind; Only the greatest minds discuss the ideas, the average minds discuss the events and the little minds discuss the individual. We can identify what range of people we are by evaluating our daily activities and can find the way to improve if we are not that kind what we want to be.

If we are really willing to have changes in this world either in personal and professional life we can figure out what kind of person we are and what we are trying to do in this world. If we really deepen down to our passion, then nothing will be an obstacle in our way. Even our biggest problem can be the best lesson to learn the new experiment and to underhand the human behavior. Blaming to the pope is not the solution rather we can take this opportunity to learn them and to react to them in a professional manner that fit in the world.