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Monday, November 6, 2017

How the attitude of gratitude change you day?

I am the one who is the in charge of my happiness and I am the one who can change my attitude to shape my own days every day. Our life is full of colors, happiness, and worthiness if we develop our attitudes of gratitude and respect the people. We have to begin our day initially giving the gratitude to our parents who gave us this opportunity to  enjoy this
My parents late Harkaraj Chongbang and Janak Kumari Chongbang

 beautiful life. They gave us incredible love, care and compassion scarifying their own happiness in order to make us what we are today. The attitude of gratitude is a very ordinary but possesses the greatest value of inspiration and motivation.

This attitude can turn our perspective towards the happiness and success. The research has shown that spreading the gratitude is one of the essential tools of happiness and positive belief. Respecting the people always gives us the pleasures and peace of mind. Thanking someone who offers the seat is a way of gratitude and if we can offer the seat in public transportation to the needy people that is our attitude of gratitude and respect.

The world has created many great people as well the cruelest who never hesitate to kill the innocent people. When the people deprived of the motivation, love, and respect they attempt to work allegedly to harm the others. We should keep in mind this world is not only mine but for everyone. We have to try to make it better,  prettier and safer for everyone to deserve the happiness and share the love and respect equally.

If we start our day expressing the gratitude, it will shape our entire days. Our mind is fueled with the positive energy when we tribute this world and everything that we are surrounded. If we share our love and our values, it matters to make something different, but if we squeeze within us it slowly lost without creating any values. Let's respect to each other's and share the love and gratitude to make something different together!