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Friday, November 3, 2017

The scary Halloween

It was the Halloween day, the faces around the street seemed scary. I was about to leave my office, heard the scary news that a man drove his truck into the cycle lane at downtown Manhattan and killed eight people. My feet scrambled and went to some unconsciousness with the fear and doubt about the
victims. I came out of the office raising a lot of questions in mind why people are getting crazy every day in this world who like to kill the innocent people who could have grown the innumerable dreams.

My people around the world scared whether I was safe. I work in the same city and definitely their
concern was fair to make if anything happens in this city. This world is amazing and unexpectedly numerous people losing their lives due to shooting and massacres going on in the different parts of the world. It is a real heartbreaking and saddest parts, whoever lose their lives and their loved ones.

I had a doubt whether I could be late to pick up my child on that day, but I reached on time. I picked him up and was on our way back to home. But he didn't want to walk directly rather he stopped his uncle's house to trick or treat sadly they were not at home. He went to his friend's home, he got some treats over there, again I wanted to direct him home, but he frequently started to stop every home where he saw the light from outside. One of the homes was decorated with many scary stuff, blinking lights, and white ghosts statues, my Mukkum wanted to go for trick or treat and I was also dragged along with him. The hallway was filled with the skeleton, ghosts, different lights, strange sounds, any many items were releasing the smokes.

I didn’t dare to get inside, but without hesitation, he walked directly to the doors and I followed him slowly. The man looked like a giant with a ghost face came in the door and with mimic voice gave some treats. In the meantime, the skeleton sculpture on the side of the door sounded like a monster spoke loudly and other skeleton started to release smokes. He became a little rush to come out of the gate. I was tired but forgot in front of what he was having fun and it was his first Halloween where he went to trick or treat. I hid my frustrations and temporarily tried my best to give him company.His dad was still at home when we arrived. He didn’t forget to ask him to treat and trick. He felt tired after all and slept early on that day.

The history of the day is connected with the ghosts that mean people who died their spirit remains alive and come back to haunt the people where they had been before. In order to make them go away from the human world, Halloween is considered to be celebrated with the different signs of haunting with strange noises, lights, breezes or the displacement of objects. This year Halloweens remained in mind really scary and sad as the innocent people lost their lives and loved ones who will remain in the soul of everyone forever.