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Saturday, October 7, 2017

The gift of happiness

The true happiness lies within our own soul, hearts, and mind. Having a good day or bad days depend solely with oneself. The peace of mind connects with the having a happiness. Our happiness is not outside where we search. We have an illusion that we can go somewhere in the beautiful places to
Credit: Happiness
enjoy and have a happy. We want to be happy every day, every moment and every time, but it is possible if we can identify the gift of happiness which is not located in the outer space rather it contains internal circumference.

We try to outsource the happiness with the things and material and physical substance, but  real gift of happiness is connected within us. We always blame the people and other circumstances for the cause of unhappiness, but in fact, we can’t control the outer circumstances and other people but we can control our own state of mind. We will be happier if have peace of mind and we should stop connecting our happiness to the outer circumstances.

Our inner peace and state of mind is the gift of happiness which determines whether to be happy or sad. If we cultivate the inner peace regardless of types of outer circumstances, we will be happier in life. Meditation is one of the greatest tools that help to foster the inner peace. When we meditate, we breath out all of our anger, anxiety, anger, fear, all the sadness that will come out of the mind and the bright light will heal the mind and happiness will be raised.

We have stress, ager, suffering, and anxiety because we want to sacrifice our happiness to succeed in life. We all have the life stress personal and professional which turn out our happiness into a nightmare. The hard time may hold during the lifetime due to difficulties and suffering. As mentioned earlier all of those are the outcomes of outer circumstances which are out of the controls. The breathing is another way to take all of them out.  The psychologists say the emotional well being is also connected with the breathing and which change the pattern of life and turn into the happiness.