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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

When life sails to the horizon

Life is truly unpredictable. The happiness may embrace on its way, but in the meantime, the clouds come to cover the shining sun and to shade the smile to let the teardown. Sometimes life enjoys even with an invisible item, but regardless of its importance, the same thing might darken its light and sail to
Part of Queens, NY
the unexpected journey of life.

As said by the older people sometimes I feel that everything is already predetermined. We can't have more than what our destiny has determined for us despite the hard work we do. Everyone in this world might have been facing some kinds of shortcomings and difficulties but only the level and the ways could be different. But we always keep our eyes to someone happiness and comfort and detect our own trouble and discomfort.

No one on this earth has experienced only success, happiness and pleasure in life rather everyone has faced many failures, shortcomings, and flaws that make them have the life with a victory but sometimes in the middle of the journey we feel defeated and powerless. Difficulties and challenges test our patience, courage, and true human character with the compassion and having the life to live facing those challenges.

We may feel alone, shattered, broken and hopeless. All are the parts of life, because even the beautiful rose carries thorn with it. When we turn down the truth, then our life sails us toward the discomfort, but when we accept the truth and take everything easily only then we can deserve what real life is doesn't matter either in comfort or hard time we can drive on our way to what we want