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Saturday, June 24, 2017

The value of trustworthy

It's really hard to believe the people of this world who seem kind and generous but the toughest part of the life is to find the true friend in life. We are surrounded with many people
but difficult to find the purity in the relationship.

Everyone knows the truth we are for certain period of time and our life doesn't possess any guarantee until when it survives in this world. We are here today but mayn't be here tomorrow. We fight for our power, want to be more superior and generous than others but in fact we have to have the true spirit otherwise we definitely fire back one day.

The temperament of humanity and trust worthy among the people have been rare as many stick for the sake of personal advantage and to be benefited oneself. We have to try to help people not only because of the hope of return neither it is wise to fight with them just for our own comfort and pleasure. This world is for all the human being, let's share the opportunities and if we can't share our foods at let try to share the natural stuff which everyone needs to survive!