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Saturday, April 8, 2017

You are the one none could be you

"You are the one "

Life is not only an entertainment
Rather it is to fight with many things
It is a battle with difficulties
Fight with many problems
It is incomplete without those things

Time flies so fast it never wait
Only the memories remain in mind
Many beautiful moments come and go
We live today but don't know tomorrow

Never quit to fight and have a faith
Even the road is difficult to walk
It is not impossible to reach
One day you will be cherished by blessing

Despite of difficulties and problems
You are the one amazing lady
Who never quit and keep on trying
Who have a determination to make it happen

You are so courageous nothing will hurt you
You are so strong nothing will  stop you
You have something inside of you
Which is always different than other ordinary
You have extraordinary capabilities
That you can perform

Even sometimes you may feel alone
You may feel disappointed
You may feel crying
You won't stop doing what you want to do
Because you are the one who knows
The value and meaning of life
Importance of your presence in this beautiful world

That is why you are only the you
You are unique and extraordinary
You are strongest with a commitment
You are so courageous and determined
I have ever seen
You are the one that could be only you