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Sunday, April 2, 2017

The custodian of Mundhum By Naren Nugo

The shamans are the most respected personalities in Limbu traditional society. Till these days, the Limbu shamans like samba, phedangma, yeba-yema, ongshi, village elders etc. Are the main custodians of mundhum because they are the mediators of human to the gods and goddess and also
Naren Nugo Limbu Muringla
with all local deities. So that shamans always hold the most important place in Limbu tribe. They are symbolic to all the traditional, cultural and religious matters. In fact, to some extent, the Limbu traditional society is not the educated society.

  As said earlier, the shamans are the representatives of goddess tageraningwaphuma. She is the sirsiri sire? or the first teacher of all clans of Limbu shamans. Samba has mundhum in detail. He is the most important figure among the shamans. He performs all the pure rituals except the unnatural death and some other rituals. Phedangba has multi-purpose functions in Limbu society. He also has similar social attachments. As per the ya-mundhum, yeba and yema are the latest creation of

tageraningwaphuma. They are the tantrik type priests who performed the unnatural deaths rituals and other related rituals in the society. The duty of each and every category of Limbu priests has to pass on the mundhum from one generation to another generation through the oral tradition, discipline-wise by incarnation or through by the disciples. A section of Limbu people who have good knowledge and wisdom known as tumbugen tum-yehangs on of various Limbu dominated areas and teachers, scholars of the particular area also act as the custodians of mundhum.