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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Merit of Emotional wellness

Emotional wellness is as important as the physical health. Even if we are physically strong but having the poor emotional belief then it destroys our adventure and buries our happiness in the mud. We have to be strong enough emotionally to fight with everything's only then we will be able to spark the light of happiness and can create the ladder of success.
Lian Garden Hong Kong By Bardhoj Okhrabo

It is possible to make changes in this world only when we become emotionally strong. Everything is possible in the world if we have faith in ourselves and determination. If we are strong emotionally we see and accept whatever challenges may occur in life. We have to build our emotional and heal our mind and thought by ourselves. Our happiness should not be directed because of the physical substances, neither with arrangements of something beautiful. we have to foster our mind and develop the happiness arranging our minds by ourselves.

The emotional weakness starts with our fear and doubt. We have to make our own validation and build the emotional supports that fully develop the skill to share the love, comfort, and happiness. We are weak because we are not emotionally independent. We always expect someone to make us happy, want their support and advice, seek the help and feel happy with someone’s presence. All of these human desires are the factors which make us emotionally dependent. We will be sad and unhappy in those absences. Instead of all of the factors, we have to develop the uniqueness and should heal our emotion to be independent.

Love the people not because you need their love in return, help the people not because you are desperate to have their help in the future. Loving and caring for the people is so fun which contains the great pleasure and miraculous things to do. Develop the source of love and happiness within you not only in the presence of someone, but you will be yourself, enjoy yourself and harvest the fruit of happiness in your own garden of emotional not depending on anyone neither any surrounding environment.

If we become emotionally strong, then we will be less discouraged by our setbacks and weakness and will be less disappointed with the failures. We are able to adopt any kind of changes and we are more focused on what we want rather than depending on other matters, we will be able to learn from our mistakes and give the better shape and guidelines for the future. In addition, emotional strength is an important tool for success and happiness. Everything matters in life if we are strong and independent. Please feel free to share your experience and thought in the comments box if possible.