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Monday, April 3, 2017

Every face reflects the same American dream

People around the world have been gathered here in the United State in order to fulfill the American dream. They have lived the life here for the better future, to support their family and to have their children with better education and brighter futures. America is a country made by the immigrants
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who arrived here with a different purpose. Due to the freedom of speech and religion, many people came to practice their religion freely, many came here to celebrate the democratic norms and values of this country and many came to grab the opportunities available here.

More than 11 million immigrants have been considered non-documented and the first slogan of the new President of United State Donald Trump is to let them go as he thinks most of the crime and drug dealers are belong from that group. Absolutely, he must have a dream of this nation to make it great, but due to his new executive orders to remove the undocumented immigrants, many of their American dreams have been ruined on the way.  There was a recent video uploaded to the Facebook where a woman cries and express her emotion how she has been feeling after separating with her loved ones. Even she is the American citizen her loved one who was also a father of her two kids has been deported to his country. It is so heart wrenching to hear the voice of the innocent kids who want their father and not aware how long it's going to take them to rejoin with their loved one.

Every morning the New York City subways fill with crowded people. Everyone seems in the hustle and bustle to make their work on time, to get their job on time. Many seem not with enough sleep, some look yearning, some have their breakfast, some try to save their time making hair and putting on makeup on their faces. After hearing that video yesterday, I felt so emotional today and went to each of the faces turn by turn while commuting to work today in the morning. I am also the one immigrated from my motherland to fulfill my American dream. I am the fortunate one,  as I am secure having the legal status here. But I am not that selfish who can celebrate other pain, scarcity and their pressure upon them.

I read each of the faces who were commuting me on the same train. Only a few seemed excited, most of them had a fear and doubt on their face.  Even the color of the skin was different from each of them, but I discovered the same dream from each of them. Everyone’s face was reflecting the same dream; to have a secure future, to support their family, to make sure their children will have the opportunity of better education and will live the life with respect and gratitude after fulfilling their dream. I felt so emotional to them my sentiment turned to relentless thinking about their uncertainties. Every human being is different in this world if I were the one who could help all the people in need, of course, I would have done so many things for them. But I am also the one with a lot of dreams and spending my time every moment with hustle and bustle with the hope of a brighter future of tomorrow and brighter future of my kids.

My thoughts and my prayer are always with them who are in need, who are in trouble and who have been struggling. Life is with a perfect cycle, we may have suffered and pain today, but a happier moment will embrace one day certainly. We may have thousands of problems today, but certainly, the charm of the pleasure will bring the blossom of satisfaction. We have to wait and see all the things rotating around.