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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sacrifice is synonym of women

Women sacrifice their lives for the sake of their family and children and many of them give up their dream in the middle of the way. Even though they are educated and strong enough to do professional jobs as other men, they have to sacrifice their career in order to raise their children and take care of the family members. Many women in the world have reached to the pick of success fighting with
Photo By Bardhoj Okhrabo
various challenges on the way. But, it is very difficult for them to have the professional life as they have to play the double role at home and in the job. Only a few women are found luckiest in the world who get the supportive and understanding spouses who treat and help them in every step of lives otherwise many of their support ruin on the way after having the children.

Many real stories of the women reflect the topic as they don’t care their own dream, give up their goal and stay at home just to make their spouse and family members happy or take care of their children. I believe that victory doesn’t come only with the sacrifice, but we need to be bold enough to fight with everything. It is quite difficult to balance between job and home, to make sure the children having proper food, having a daily education properly and to make sure they are going to be a good man and woman of this world. The existing disparity between male and female hasn’t overcome yet. The mentality of the men is filled with the pure substances that they need to pretend they are superior to women and they are not required to help their spouses at home.

Many researchers about the gender disparity have proved that the livelihood of the women is more severe and vulnerable in the developing countries than the developed countries, but this disparity still exists in developed countries as well. Education is another factor that plays the role for the disparity between male and female. Comparatively educated male understands much more than uneducated male regarding the problems and difficulties of the women. But, it also depends on the family background where they grew up and their cultural and spiritual belief which they possess to treat another human being. The women, mostly in the eastern part of the world is considered under the control of the men after they get married. They don’t get support from their parents and they don’t find any choice to accept their husband whatever behavior they do for them.

Even after sacrificing the whole life, their existence and sacrifice never recognized in the home and society rather they are named as a housewife so easily and men pretend that the women are born just for the sake of their comfort and pleasure and as their toys who they can enjoy if not throw away on the road.  Even they can stand on their own feet, they have to sacrifice in the name of family and the men of their lives.

Women have to sacrifice their independence after having a man in life. Moreover, after having the children they lose the beautiful appearance as it diverts into the different shape. They sacrifice their needs and focus and prioritize the need of their children and husband. They sacrifice their fun time to enjoy with friends and need to pay a lot of attention to the family and children. In addition, women have to hide their emotion. Even the men speak loudly during misunderstanding women hide their emotion and try to speak softly to manage the family and in order to avoid the negative impact on the children.

This world is amazing, it has reached the top of the development phase, but still the men of this world think that they are only the king of this earth and want to rule to women. We can’t make changes in this world and can’t make room for everyone until and unless we understand the value of each other. Men and women are both the complementary parts of human being and one is not complete in the absence of the other. Why these men of this world are so selfish who don’t respect the women as they have to know that they are here today due to the women. Even they can reach to the top in earning or they think they can enjoy the materialistic world alone, but without respecting the women it is always incomplete and they will remain incomplete and imperfect creations of this world. Let’s respect each other equally and let's  live to enjoy every moment together!